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Hardware to AI powered app and the pure food products from village, Pitchers delivered their ideas before the sharks to crack the deal.
Let's have the glimpse of the episode.

1. Mahantam
With the motto to explore the washing industry and to become big in this, pitchers came to the stage to present their tea-glass washing machine idea. Dhaval and Jayesh brought their washing machine and their idea on the table of Sharks. They were seeking 30 Lakhs for 10% equity share. 
The Tea-glass washing machine has its excellent features; it can wash 12-15 glass hygienically in 30 seconds, the design is simple & compact.

mahantam shark tank india

It is the need in this sector where people used to take tea regularly and many times a day when in office and in the shops, in the market etc. The tea-glass are not properly cleaned up and the hygiene is not maintained. Stating this problem, the founders presented their pitch in a way all sharks really get impressed and praises them.

Anupam and Dhaval were in contact earlier as Anupam shared the story. He mentioned that to make it to come on the stage of shark tank is not really an easy job. By keeping this in mind they started one venture on Instagram with name “DreamDeal.me”. In this people has to share their one-minute reel by stating that what they want to do and how they will do. The team picks a few of them and the selected ones were given the grants with no equity share. Dhaval got the one earlier and today they got the chance to come on the Shark Tank Stage to present their idea.

Dhaval shared the journey of their product prototype and development phases. He mentioned that their 4 machines were failed before reaching to the final working, ready to go market product. Till date they have sold 3 machines. Their also claimed that the machine is so efficient that it could wash 10000 tea-glasses in only ₹9 total electricity consumed. The machines can use 12v electricity only.

All the five sharks were impressed with the idea and the pitch and they all invested in them. The deal was closed with 5 Sharks for 30 Lakh for 20% equity. 

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2. MindPeers
Starting with the Yes or No game with the Sharks on the note of some real-life questions leading towards mental health and wellbeing, Kanika and Sahil started their pitch by mentioning that India is the most depressed country.

mindpeers shark tank

The founders brought their AI powered; mental health strengthen app from Delhi. They were seeking 53 lakhs for 1% equity share in the company. They developed this app which detect the mental issues by asking a series of 14 questions to the user and generate the reports. On the basis of analysis of reports generated, AI tool suggests the neuro science games, behavior changing & habit-forming tools to the users which helps in stabilizing and improving the mental health and wellbeing of the user.

Till date they have reached to 3.5 lakhs people not only in India but including Singapore, UK, US also. Kanika opens up about how her personal experience with issues like the fear of failure, anxiety and panic attacks have changed the way she views these matters, which ultimately gave her the push to get into this business. They have enrolled 6 psychologists on their payroll to solve the problems of the users related to mental health, fear, anxiety live They are running a subscription model and they charge ₹350 per month. While they are doing it as B2B, the team needs it to own its place as a household brand also, for which, it too needs all Sharks with them on this journey.

Peyush given the offer first for what the founders were asking. Vineeta and Namita also given the same offer but for 2 sharks at the price of one. Aman also joined Vineeta and Namita.

Peyush continue to their pitch his respective contribution with global HR tools to the platform’s future in order to grab the deal. Later on Peyush also joined the other Sharks but his offer went solo for ₹53 lakh at 1% along with the combined offer given by Vineeta, Namita and Aman for ₹53 lakh, 1%. MindPeers deal was closed for ₹1.06 Cr at 2% equity.

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3. Barosi
Durlabh from the village of UP came with their 100% pure and natural products brand “Barosi”. Their products include pure milk, ghee, butter, oil, pickles, filter coffee etc. He was seeking ₹50 lakh for 2% equity along with the Sharks’ guidance. They are available on their website and other market places.

borosi shark tank season 2

Their logo was having the deep meaning that he explained, ‘B’ in the logo stands for the Bharat and ‘I’ stands for India. the entrepreneur’s goal is to connect the two sides of the nation – the rural and the urban – through his products. He mentioned that their brand is in top searches on BigBasket.

The number of SKU’s were too high as good as 23 and they are also about to launch 2 new SKU’s while the top selling products are only 3 in the current sales. Also, as there is no differentiator for them to distinguish the brand from other brands, all the Sharks were out from the deal.

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