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“Masala” are the part of every Indian Kitchen, but what kind of masala we are using and whether it is pure and filtered or not, we don’t know these things on this note Agarwal presented their idea of Zoff. Every child is almost missing their precious childhood to the digital gadgets, to revive the childhood with desi toys pitcher came to the stage of Shark Tank Season 2.

Let’s have the glimpse of the episode.

1. Zoff
Akash and Ashish from Raipur came to the stage of Shark Tank with their pure, filtered masala brand “Zoff”. They told that the masalas which we are using in our kitchen, there are too many unnoticed impurities present in the composition. They introduced the Indian spice market’s worth priced at Rs. 80,000 crores.  They are selling their pure products in ziplock packaging though website, market places and they acquired Shilpa Shetty as their brand ambassador.

Their ask was for ₹1Cr for 0.5% equity.

zoff masala

Zoff was started in 2018 and they present on online marketplace, 10000 offline retail stores and horeca and they are selling through their website also. Since they started in 2018, in the 3 years they have achieved 400% growth online. Their last month revenue was ₹4.5 Cr from online marketplaces and from website and ₹2.5Cr from offline stores. They have already setup their factory plant worth ₹200Cr.

Namita wasn’t so satisfied then she was challenged by the pitchers to name 4 spices brand she is familiar with, she was not able to recall at the time.

When it came to the company structure and equity split, it was found that there is no CEO in the company which reflected very bad impression over the Sharks about them. Namita straightforward asked to them “Why NO CEO?” Anupam concluded them that they were came only for the marketing perspective and nothing else. However, Anupam eventually given them a conditional offer of ₹1Cr for 2% equity.

Aman after listening to the offer from Anupam offered the same deal. Since the pitchers looks too confused to Anupam and they didn’t respond him back directly, he tears off the cheque and made himself out of the deal. Namita was also out.

Vineeta put an offer of ₹50 lakh for 0.75% equity and ₹50 lakh as debt for 12% interest. Amit also given them an offer of ₹1Cr for 1.5% equity. All the three sharks were received counter offer of ₹1Cr for 0.75%.

The deal was closed with Aman for 1Cr, 1.25% equity.

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2. Desi Toys
Swapna from Mumbai came to the stage of Shark Tank and presented her pitch before the Sharks. She revived the nostalgic feeling for old games, toys that we all were used to play with in our childhood. But due to advancement in the technology and digital gadgets available in every house, children from their childhood play with these gadgets only which affects their skill development. The physical toys are important for the skills development, logic building and strategy planning etc.

Her ask was for ₹50 lakh, 3% equity share.

desi toys

Desi Toys was started in 2017. They are available on their website, online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon. Their products range from ₹199 to ₹3999 with the average order value of ₹500. Toys like “Dashavatar Saap Seedi”, “Mahabharat Pacchissi”, “Ramayan Chokabara” are in the list of their desi products.  Last year they did the sale of ₹1.15Cr and they are projecting the sales of ₹2.5Cr in this financial year.

desi toys

When she handed over the products to the Sharks, they all were started playing with the toys on the stage of Shark Tank and revived their childhood. They were really impressed with the quality and design of the products. The price point was something that the Shark thought pitcher should re-think upon.

Namita made herself out of the deal as she felt that the market is too cluttered, especially with numerous players settling in from various ends. Anupam claimed that the products can easily be copied also the market is small and did not make the investment.

Amit made a conditional offer that the pitcher will have to start a new category of toys, he offered ₹30 lakh for 20% equity and ₹20 lakh for 12% interest. As the equity stack was too high as felt by the pitcher, there was No Deal.

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3. Cloud Worx
Yuvraj came with their Metaverse product to make it simple and more accessible for the people. With a no code software-as-a-service (SaaS) metaverse platform, it helps to create a 3D model that can help to monitor various aspects and to control the physical activities remotely through immersive user experience.

His ask was for ₹40 lakh for 2% equity share.


They have done a sale of ₹1.4Cr in 1.5 years of its operation. Anupam and Namita made a combined offer of ₹40 lakh for 5% equity. The deal was closed for 3.2% equity.

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