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From Quirky styles clothing to the platform for college students and jobseekers to get good offers and an alternative idea to green tea, pitchers presented their ideas in front of Sharks. To take the right stand for yourself was the suggestion that was given to one of the founder of “Gavin Paris – Quirky Style Clothing” by every Shark in this episode.

Let’s have a glimpse together on the episode pitches.

1. Gavin Paris
Kishor and Ashutosh from Calcutta brought their Quirky, oversized clothing idea “Gavin Paris” before the Sharks. They founded it last year in February 2022 and till date they have served more than 25 thousand customers. All the business is coming from their website only. They were seeking ₹50 Lakhs of investment in exchange of 5% equity.

Bharat Bala Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 25 S2 - Gavin Paris

When they presented their products to the Sharks, the quality, designs, prices were really well praised by each and every Shark. The quality of the T-Shirts and prices of ₹599, ₹650 etc. were really well soothing to the youngsters. They are mainly working on the quirky styles, oversized T-Shirts and having oversize, printed, co-ord sets, polo designs with them.

Last 7 months sales since they started the business was ₹1.7 Cr with the gross margin of 60%. They are making and profit upto 18% while saving ₹200 per T-Shirts. 

Ashutosh (26) explained everything about their brand and he is working as a CTO, and handling a major part of the business while doing the marketing also. When Sharks asked them about their equity structure all were remain amazed when they come to know that Ashutosh is not having any equity given yet and he is working on commission basis that too for ₹25 per product sale. Although he is handling the major part of the sales but the equity still not with him and the future discussion is also around 10% only for him between the founders. Kishor (40) is holding all the 100% equity as of now.

This made all the Sharks very disappointed and they given advise to Kishor to atleast give some healthy equity to Ashutosh as it is not fair. Also, they asked Ashutosh to take the stand for their rights. This made every Shark to stand themselves out of the deal except Vineeta.

Anupam was really disappointed and he mentioned that this is really against to his morals. He further said that “cleverness in the business is needed but with wisdom.” 

Bharat Bala Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 25 S2 - Gavin Paris

Vineeta given a conditional offer to the founders that Ashutosh should be given atleast 40% equity of the company. Her offer stands for ₹30 Lakhs for 20% equity and ₹20 Lakhs Debt at 12% interest per annum. Kishore denied the deal as he was not in the mood to give 40% equity to Ashutosh. 

Before the founder leave stage everyone asked Ashutosh to take the right stand for him and to get right equity in the company. Amit and Aman told to Ashutosh that if he is going to start any business in future, he can contact the Sharks and they will invest in him.

2. unstop
Ankit from Delhi came to the stage with his product “unstop”. Unstop is an online platform available for the organizations that enables companies to discover, engage, assess and hire the right candidates across the nation.  At the same time it is also available for the students/ job seekers to participate in the various events organized by different organizations/companies/giant techs and to get the prizes in form of cash, job offers etc. They are currently holding the registrations of more than 40 Lakh students and 200 companies are engaged with the unstop platform.

Bharat Bala Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 25 S2 - unstop

Founder said that they were started in 2017 like a blog name “Dare2Complete” than later it was converted into a website and then it was rebranded to “unstop” an online tech platform. They were seeking ₹1 Cr investment for 1% equity share in the company. 

Talking about the sales, Ankit mentioned that he will be closing this year on the projection of ₹30-35 Cr with gross margin of 90%. 

By hearing the Pitch, plan, sales & margin, firstly Amit offered ₹5 Cr for 10% equity instead of original ask of the founder for ₹1Cr. Amit wanted to go solo with the deal hence he asked the founder to give the decision right at that time otherwise deal will stand cancelled. Ankit thankfully & respectfully said that he also wanted to hear out other Sharks as well.

Vineet stands out of the deal while Namita and Aman given a combined offer of ₹60 Lakh for 1% equity and ₹40 Lakh Debt at 12% interest rate. Aman cracked a joke that if Ankit takes this deal he will get an additional offer for worth ₹20 Lakhs for Namita’s shoes.

Anupam offered Rs. 1Cr for 1% equity. By hearing out all the offers, Amit also revised his offer to Rs. 2.5Cr for 5% equity. Anupam joined Amit on the same deal.  

Bharat Bala Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 25 S2 - unstop

Ankit wanted all the Sharks to come onboard for the deal, eventually Anupam, Aman, Namita and Amit joined hands and the deal was closed for Rs. 4 Cr for 4% equity. 

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3. Blue Tea
Sunil from Calcutta and Nitesh from Faridabad brought their product “Blue Tea” on the table for the Sharks. “Blue Tea” is an ayurvedic tea with having it’s own qualities and benefits over the Green Tea. Founders mentioned that the taste of their Tea is so soothing and there is no bitterness in the taste. The tea is prepared from the Aparajita or Shankhpushpi flower extract. It has such anti-oxidants that helps in weight loss as well as are good for the skin. This Tea helps in relieving stress and having no caffeine in it. 

They were seeking 75 Lakh for 1% equity share.  

Bharat Bala Raha Hai - 6th February 2023 Episode 25 S2 - Blue Tea

Founders further mentioned that the “Blue Tea” is available in 50 flavours and they are selling their product in 12 countries online. Vineeta was much impressed by the packaging and branding of the product.

Founders claimed that it is to be the first “Blue Tea Brand”, which eventually comes out as the false claim made by the Shark Anupam. In the whole pitch the founders were playing around the numbers and it seems to be exaggerated gimmicks played to the Sharks which let the trust down of the Shark in the founders. Amit also called them “topibaz”.

Having this kind of conversation Anupam, Amit, Vineeta, Namita made themselves out of the deal. Aman made an offer to them for Rs. 15 Lakh for 5% equity and Rs. 60 Lakh as debt at 12% interest rate. The founders made a counter offer for Rs 50 Lakh at 2% equity and 25 Lakh debt at 12%. The deal was closed for 50 Lakh for 3% equity and 25 Lakh Debt for 12%.

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