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Whether it is Healthy Nutritious snacks to fulfill the 4PM craving or to decorate your home with various beautiful art & craft and DIY products and to make you feel more space in your house with amazing furniture ideas, pitchers brought their ideas to the stage of shark tank.

Let's have the glimpse of fantastic ideas that have been delivered in the episode.

1. Green Snack Co.
Jasmine and Chetan from Punjab brought their Healthy snacks to the table of Sharks in the episode. They claimed the nutritional values of their products and marked it good for health which contains no MSG and prepared by using less oil, less spices. Although when sharks taste their products and looked at the nutritional values on the packet it seems contradiction what founders have claimed and it became a debatable topic.

They were seeking 1Cr for 2% equity.

Nayi Soch Naye Vichar - 7th February 2023 Episode 26 S2

Their sales majorly coming 85% offline and 15% from online sources. They were making sales of 5-7Cr before Covid and after Covid their sales dropped to 2.5-4Cr. Few of the products which they brought were Firey spice quinoa puffs – though spicier regardless of the fact they were claiming, chocolate quinoa puffs, super sticks etc. They also claimed that their products are having 50% more protein and fibre than the other products in the market which Anupam and Namita denied the fact.

Namita and Anupam clearly said that the Nutritional aspects what the founders were claiming were clearly false. Namita mark the usage of high sodium content in the products questionable while Anupam rephrases their claim that the products are not healthy but healthier than what other snacks in the market. It led to lost trust of sharks in the products and the founders.

The founders already have raised many rounds of funding in the past years and they are currently holding 53% equity in the company. Aman stands out from the deal as they have already raised many funds and their financial matrices was not clear to him.

Anupam also made himself out of the deal. He mentioned that he does not invest in such business where the health claims are questionable. He suggested the founders to rethink, reassess and re-evaluate the products.

Namita was also out from the deal as the high usage of sodium content was something that she was bothered about. Amit mentioned that there is lack of Digital Marketing on their business which made him out.

Only Vineeta left with few more questions and she eventually asked that how many funds are still left with them. When she heard that there are only few lakhs left in the bank account in the response from founders, it recalled to her the early days of their business when they started and she was in same situation. At that time one investor given them a loan of 1Cr which they utilized well and shown the results. Hence she offered 1Cr for 8% equity to the founders of Green Snack Co.

As there was only one offer in hand, the deal was closed at 1Cr for 8% without any negotiation.

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2. Hobby India
Vaibhav, Shruti and Khyati from Surat came on the stage of Shark Tank with their Art Brand which deals with art, craft and DIY products. They have more than five thousand products with more than fifteen thousand variations. Till date they have servers more than twelve thousand customers with twenty-two thousand products delivered.

They were seeking 50 Lakh for 3% equity. 

Nayi Soch Naye Vichar - 7th February 2023 Episode 26 S2

They have started in March 2021 and selling their products through their website. Till date they have done the sales of 1.5Cr. The founders have cracked the website SEO and they stands Rank#1 when it comes to custom name cutout. Also, for few of the keywords they are holding Ranks in between one to five. They wanted to become one stop solution for all the DIY demands in India.

All the Sharks were very impressed from the trio of the founders. The appreciated them for the way they delivered the pitch and for the clear answers and communication what they are doing in front of the sharks.  It seems to sharks that the founders were not clever, they have clear vision and very humble, transparent and grounded.

Vaibhav’s clear and transparent answers draw the Sharks attention and impress them deeply. Aman rather makes a lighthearted pitch for him to join him instead. Anupam, too, appreciates the way he breaks down the unit economics and Amit acknowledges the 26 year old entrepreneur as “a seasoned businessman”.

They were projecting 2.75Cr for this financial year. While they were doing the great business and enjoying profit as well they are seeking to raise funds to expand to a big factory to cater the more demands. Although everyone was very impressed, but at last it is the business and the scalability of the business doesn’t seem promising to the sharks hence except Vineeta all stands out of the deal.

Vineeta and Amit given them a joint offer for 50Lakh for 20% equity which they countered for 4% and it was a no deal as the founders humbly denied for 20% equity.

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3. Flhexible
Shilpi and Abhimanyu from Jaipur, Rajasthan presented their idea of sustainable and eco-friendly flhexible furniture and modular wall partition. The furniture is space-friendly and made of recycled paper him honeycomb structure which provides the strength to it.  The durability of their furniture is 10-12 years. They are selling their products via website and online marketplaces, also they have two retail outlets in Jaipur. Started in 2019, they have sold more than 250 products till date.

They were seeking 50 Lakh of investment in exchange of 7.5% of equity in the company. 

Nayi Soch Naye Vichar - 7th February 2023 Episode 26 S2

Anupam clearly mentioned the whole thing to be gimmick and he said that such things cannot be translated into lifestyle brands as the structure and the material used in the product is neither pet-friendly nor it is dust-friendly. He further mentioned that the furniture can be ruptured in due course of time and it can easily be hampered with scissors that children use to play and cut the things here and there in the house. Moreover, the price point was too high to sustain. It could be a corporate gifting thing he added. Anupam was out of the deal.

Aman too felt the brand as gimmicky one and conflict in the business as the founders mentioned that the wall partition business is the parent one and under that they are doing the furniture business which made him stand out of the deal. Eventually there was no deal happened for Flhexible.

4. Upthrust Esports
Kartik from Jhansi and Vaibhav from UP came on the stage with their passion and enthusiasm for pro-gaming. They have introduced a new category in the pro-gaming from the business and career perspective. They are organizing virtual-based gaming events through their company.

They are broadcasting their events on youtube channel and having more than 3.5 Lakh subscribers. Till date they have organized over 30 gaming events all of which have resulted in a pool prize of 1 Cr. They were seeking 75 Lakh against 3% equity.

Nayi Soch Naye Vichar - 7th February 2023 Episode 26 S2

They further demonstrate their gaming event idea by calling out the Sharks Anupam and Amit and created a short event with them. While it was a good pitch and the idea, Sharks thinks that it could be scalable upto and extent only and the business idea is still in the experimental phase. There was no deal happened for Upthrust Esports.

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