Anticipating the Future: Our Top Expectations for Union Budget 2023-24

Get the latest updates on the eagerly awaited Union Budget 2023-24 and find out what people are hoping for in terms of economic policies and provisions for the country's growth and development. Stay tuned for live updates on the India Budget 2023.

By TheFrames Team

Union Budget 2023-24

The Finance Ministry have been working day and night for the Union Budget 2023-24 that will be represented on 1st February 2023. There are lots of queries, hopes, and expectations from the upcoming budget whether to provide relief through tax deduction, increase the amount of varied things, reducing the cost of varied products, health, market, and loan waiver with more concern on varied points.

  • This will be last full year budget ahead of the Lok Sabha election
  • Some changes in the tax structure are expected
  • Section 80C current limit could get increased
  • Pre-budget consultation meetings are going on


There is a ray of hope with lots of expectations from the upcoming budget 2023-24 in the people of India. Relaxation in tax deduction, reducing the cost of varied products are the main concerns. Let’s see what will be presented on 1st February 2023 in Union Budget. Hope, this budget will bring something for the general public.

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