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China has announced to unlock everything from 8th January 2023 – leaving their public in a dangerous zones and of course a step that may be problematic for countries, where people from China are arriving. COVID tests have made compulsory. Below few points should be kept in mind.

  • Social Distancing is necessary
  • Use of Mask
  • Vaccination and Booster Dose
  • Avoid street food

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New variant of Covid has been hitting the world by storm

New variant of Covid has been hitting the world by storm

The Current outbreak in China has been increasing concern of everyone. Governments of different nations are taking the right steps and issuing a new protocol to help people stay safe.


You are advised to focus on a few changes in your lifestyle and stay dependent on the hygienic food, fresh vegetables and everything fresh. Vaccination is equally important and getting booster dose is the most crucial point to taken into consideration. If you have already get the slot of two doses completed, you are advised to get booster dose.

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