About is a professional content website where one can find numerous articles spliced into interesting series Our aim is to provide quality content to the readers while being creative along with keeping the authenticity of the content on our website.  

Content is the big ocean to sail through and one can go deeper and beyond while searching on the web. But at the same time, it is an undeniable fact that this ocean can be sailed through if the content seems sorted and organized to the eyes, everyone would love to read this, right? So, what we are doing here on theframes is, we are writing our articles that are splited into series and in a bunch of three to four crips articles in the organized manner. Not only this but we strive to cover details, facts and provide quality content tends to extend the readers knowledge.  

We have categorized content on our websites in different categories under which we regularly update the content in the form of series.  

theCategories on our Website
Different category option helps to sort and organize the content on the website. When readers come to the forum, they can choose their selective categories to read upon. One can search and find the area of their interest and the content of their requirement. 

Currently we have launched nine categories on our website as below. We timely add the new categories as and when we feel and find something interesting that readers would love to explore upon. 

Lifestyle is something that is really important for every individual to work upon. In this category we are providing the best lifestyle articles based on lifestyle improvement and ideas that are helpful for the people who are seeking help and want to make changes and improvements in their daily routine and lifestyle. 

Health and Fitness 
Health is the key factor in everyone’s life. We all have grown up by hearing that health is wealth. So, to take care of health for ourselves and for the family and loved ones is very important so as to lead a good and healthy lifestyle. Under Health and Fitness Category, we are providing the best health articles in terms of nutrition, foods, medical, fitness and exercise, yoga etc.  

Now when your Lifestyle and Health is settled with us, you should focus upon managing your wealth flow and savings for the future. So, under the Finance category we are dealing with finance management and providing you with the best articles which help you to manage your wealth, for you and for the future of your family.  

What’s going on in your surroundings and in the nation and the world, to have the knowledge is important and good to have to remain updated in this fast-paced world. Here in the Trending category, we are providing the latest updates in various fields and going on trending topics. 

Cricket Fever 
Cricket is the most loved and most watched sport all around the world. Cricket fans want to remain updated with every minute's updates of the match that is going around. Test Series, IPL, WPL, World Cup Tournaments and many other matches that happen we provide the summary articles of each and every match to get the complete gist with the score details and the players performance analysis.  

Cricket Celebrity – Know your Cricketer 
Cricket fans all around the world choose their favorite Cricketer and make them idol and they try to follow them. The craze of Cricket can be seen in every age group but most importantly in the youths. Here in the interesting category, we cover the complete career insight and the lifestyle of the Cricketers from different Teams from the world in our articles and present it to the readers. We simplify it and present it to the readers by preparing necessary graphics as well to get the complete insight in a short and interesting way.  

Space Edge 
Space, Science and Technology is never left behind when it comes to the favorite category option. Space is something that captures the attention of most people around the world. Especially growing children get most fascinated with the space and galaxies. They try to explore it in the school textbooks of science, they google it and want to understand it. Here in this category, we are providing articles on every latest innovation and experiment that are being carried out in the field of Space Science and Technology. ISRO, NASA and other space agencies are continuously working on the latest experiments; we cover them all. 
When it comes to the vacation and to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones, we all started to think upon a plan to visit beautiful destinations. Well, it depends upon the people's choice what kind of destination they choose and want to visit and to spend some quality time. Here in this category, we are providing articles on different travel destinations, destinations according to season, the best places to visit. One can explore and decide their travel destiny. 

Shark Tales 
The most popular reality show of 2021 and 2023 – Shark Tank India Season 1 and Season 2. Under Shark Tales category we cover the gist of every episode and provide the complete insight of the business ideas and the deals that happen during the episode.  


Content Writers 
We have a Team of versatile content writers who are professional and proficient and have in-depth domain knowledge. 

Graphic Designers 
We have a good Team of Graphic Designers who prepare the eye-catching graphics for the articles. They understand the gist of the articles and provide the summary in the form of graphical slides. 

Our Team also prepares the video out the content to present it to the readers in the most easy and sophisticated way that reader, if not interested in reading the articles, can simply go over the video and gather the knowledge.  

The design and development of was started in Jan 2022, and it became live in April 2022 in the public domain. Since then, we have launched nine categories under which we are continuously striving to provide quality content to our readers.  

Why this Series concept? 
When we look over the internet and go to search for some topic, we get cluttered results and not at the single place. To get through the topic and to reach the end evaluation one needs to go to various websites and prepare their summary in their mind of what they were actually looking for. Here on we are trying to cover each & every minute detail, fact and knowledge at the one place and in form of bunch of three to four short articles, with summary, graphics and videos to cover the complete topic and to provide the necessary and enough details at one place that reader need no to go here and there.