5 Best wedding reception outfits for men

Weddings are significant milestones for couples and their families, providing an opportunity to show off perfect elegance. Explore different styles and trends in men's wedding fashion

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5 Best wedding reception outfits for men
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Weddings are significant milestones for couples and their families, providing an opportunity to show off perfect elegance. As men enter the spotlight, they have various wedding outfit options, ranging from traditional sherwanis to contemporary outfits.


With weddings embracing fashion trends, grooms have become trendsetters, encouraging others through their wardrobe choices.

Wedding Reception Outfits for Men

Whether they select handmade creations or ready-made designer clothes, grooms can create a unique outfit that represents their particular taste and adds flair to the occasion. Here, you can delve into the 5 best wedding reception outfits for men.


Custom-tailored Sherwani

Custom designed Sherwanis are the ultimate form of wedding dress for grooms and groomsmen, providing unparalleled enhancement. Whether you choose an Achkan or a Double-layered Sherwani, each ensures a unique appearance.

Adopting asymmetry in design, as per current trends, provides a modern twist. Furthermore, choosing from a choice of colors allows for customization, with pastels and refined tones enhancing the regal allure.


A custom Sherwani is designed with meticulous attention to detail and personalized accuracy to guarantee that every wearer exudes confidence and elegance on their special day.

Modern Indo-Western attire

A Modern Indo-Western outfit is versatile and colorful, letting you stand out as a style icon at the wedding celebration.


Pair a slender-hem Kurta with straight ankle-length pajamas for a smart outfit that steals the show. Flanked plackets offer a stylish touch, guaranteeing you stand out with your fashion choice.

Including elegant Indo-Western attire on your wedding checklist ensures a regretless decision and an unforgettable appearance.

Pathani Suit


Every man wants to be unique when it comes to weddings. Consider wearing a Pathani Suit to your best friend's wedding to create a casual yet functional look. It not only provides comfort but also exudes style effortlessly.

Choose an apple-cut Pathani in modern solid hues to elevate your appearance. Some Pathani suits have waistcoats or stoles, which lend a sense of heritage and ethnicity to your wardrobe, making it ideal for an Indian wedding celebration.

Pair your Pathani Suit with traditional footwear like mojris or juttis, complement it with a matching or contrasting turban, and finish with minimalistic jewelry for a stylish ethnic ensemble.


Subtle Waist Coat

A waistcoat adds a polished touch to wedding apparel for guys who want a more understated look. These waistcoats are ideal for occasions like Mehndi and Haldi and are available in various styles, including Paisley and Damask sets, which are currently popular.

They are available in a variety of pricing levels to suit different budgets. For an enhanced look, wear a waistcoat in a color that contrasts with the rest of your clothing. Its understated beauty matches the overall look without overpowering it.


Whether you choose a muted palette or want to add a touch of refinement, a waistcoat is a flexible accessory that adds modest charm to your wedding wear.

Rajwari Jodhpuri Suit

The Rajwari Jodhpuri Suit combines elegance and tradition, making it suitable for weddings. Its majestic appearance captures the generosity of the occasion.

The Bandhgala Coat, worn with balloon pants, offers a distinguished style that sticks out among traditional dress. Its elaborate floral and geometric designs lend a new twist to classic elegance, which appeals to current preferences.

Furthermore, its popularity among celebrities confirms its status as a stylish wedding option. Whether worn by the groom or guests, the Rajwari Jodhpuri Suit exudes richness and refinement. Which makes it an excellent choice for wedding wear.

Parting Words

Weddings offer a platform for showcasing flawless style, and grooms are no exception. From custom-tailored Sherwanis to modern Indo-Western ensembles, the array of choices allows grooms to express their individuality and make a lasting impression. With attention to detail and a personal flair, every groom can radiate confidence and elegance on their special day.

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