How To Get Straighten Hair At Home

Before you begin, it is crucial to understand your hair type and take the necessary precautions to prevent damage. Let's explore how to get straight hair at home safely and effectively.

By Trisha
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How To Get Straighten Hair At Home
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Whether you have naturally curly, wavy or frizzy hair, achieving sleek and straight locks can be a daunting.


However, with the right techniques and tools, you can straighten your hair at home and enjoy a smooth, polished look.

From brushing wet hair to applying an egg mask, there are various methods to straighten your hair. But before you begin, it is crucial to understand your hair type and take the necessary precautions to prevent damage. Let's explore how to get straighten hair at home safely and effectively.

Keep Brushing Wet Hair


Despite popular belief, you can safely brush wet hair with these steps to minimize damage and achieve a straightened appearance. After washing and conditioning your hair, gently towel-dry it.

Then, using a wide-tooth comb, slowly detangle small sections of hair at a time. Address any knots or tangles with your fingers before combing. Once your hair is thoroughly combed, allow it to rest for five minutes.

Then, repeat the combing process, focusing on small sections until your hair is completely dry. This ensures continuous smoothing and straightening during drying, resulting in a frizz-free texture.


Apply the Smooth Cream or Serum

Smoothing creams or serums offer a convenient, mess-free solution to keep your hair hydrated, nourished, and moisturized for effective straightening over time.

Opt for serums designed for wet hair, as they work better on malleable strands. Applying these products along the length of your hair helps prevent breakage, dryness, and damage from environmental factors like pollution, UV rays, stress, and lifestyle habits.


Always check product labels carefully, follow instructions precisely, and consult your stylist if you have any doubts about proper usage.

Rinse your Hair with Milk

Milk is a natural straightener due to its casein and whey protein content. It strengthen and smooth hair strands while repairing dry and damaged hair.


Additionally, its soothing properties aid in naturally straightening the hair. After washing and conditioning your hair, take a cup of milk and gently coat each strand with your fingertips. Transfer any remaining milk to a bottle with a narrow mouth and slowly pour it over your hair and scalp.

Allow it dry and rinse thoroughly with water. While cow's milk is commonly used, similar results can be achieved with goat, almond, or coconut milk.

Use a Banana-Honey Mask


Combining bananas and honey provides numerous hair benefits when used regularly. Bananas offer intense hydration and moisturizing benefits when applied topically, while honey coats the strands with a protective antibacterial layer.

To create a hair mask, mash one ripe banana thoroughly and add a tablespoon of honey. Blend the mixture until smooth and even. Apply the mask evenly to your hair and scalp, then cover it with a shower cap to seal the benefits.

After half an hour, remove the shower cap and wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo enriched with biotin.


Apply Egg Mask

Eggs are a natural remedy for improving hair health due to their protein-rich composition. Hair requires adequate protein levels for strength and texture.

Regular application of an egg mask can replenish the hair's protein content, tame frizz, and improve manageability. Egg yolks, rich in B vitamins, act as moisturizers and enhance hair texture while adding shine.

To create an egg mask, beat two eggs and apply the mixture to the hair and scalp, leaving it on for ten minutes before rinsing. This homemade treatment nourishes and conditions the hair, promoting overall health and natural straightening.

Capping Words

The tips above will undoubtedly give you the perfect sleek and straight hair. From brushing wet hair to applying natural remedies like milk or egg masks, these techniques promise sleek and frizz-free locks with consistent application and care. Give it a try!

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