5 Must Try Eid Looks For Every Woman

Eid is a wonderful festival for remembering Allah as a Muslim. You can do various things during Eid, but trying some unique looks is always best for a woman. Luckily, you can choose from both classic and modern looks.

By Trisha
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Eid is a wonderful festival for remembering Allah as a Muslim. You can do various things during Eid, but trying some unique looks is always best for a woman. On this holy day, you should enjoy amazing meals and gift-giving with loved ones along with a magnificent traditional costume. Luckily, you can choose from both classic and modern looks, such as comfortable sharara sets and stylish Anarkali suits, if you want to celebrate this holiday in style. In this article, you can check out the top 5 Eid looks and enjoy them as a woman.  


Make a statement in an evergreen Sharara Set

The sharara set for women has long been associated with Indian culture and aesthetics. This costume, which consists of a kurta and wide, flared pants, is a popular choice for women to wear to formal events like weddings and festivals. This figure-flattering costume has also been made popular in popular Bollywood movies. Consider buying a stunning purple sharara suit to look just as alluring as the "Eid ka chand" and win everyone over. 

Palazzo Set – a traditional and charismatic clothing 


It can be that you are too busy getting ready for the Eid festival attendees and you don’t have time to choose an outfit for Eid. Don't worry; you can still appear interesting and charismatic without going over the top. A palazzo set, which consists of a shirt or kurta and wide-legged pants, can be the ideal Eid costume for women. It will provide you with the most comfort and a stunning appearance, allowing you to celebrate Eid with great enthusiasm. You can look amazing by accessorizing the costume with a statement ring and large earrings.  

The timeless style of Salwar Kameez 

The "salwar kameez" for Indian ladies is the equivalent of "seviyans" for Eid. It's a traditional celebratory outfit that will effortlessly make you seem stunning. Different types of salwar suits, from straight bottoms to sharara pants, can accentuate your beauty in both formal and informal settings. As a suggestion, consider buying a black embroidered sharara and make everyone go “Masha Allah.” 


Look unbelievably charming with a Kurta And Skirt Set

There's nothing quite like partying with the people you love while looking amazing and feeling like the world is on top. One of the most gorgeous outfits for women on Eid is a kurta and skirt combination. Kurta and skirt combination can dramatically improve any woman’s appearance. The adaptable clothing may end up being your all-time favorite style because it gives off a royal aura and makes you appear incredibly beautiful. The Kurta and Skirt are timeless classic wear in Indian and Pakistani culture, and they go well with various occasions and festivals.  

Anarkali Suits – Historical elegance and tradition 


Do you know the Anarkali suits are named after the renowned dancer Anarkali? The Anarkali is an all-rounder women’s costume that is also a representation of elegance and refinement. All women’s body types can look elegant and graceful in this flowing costume. For this Eid season, consider buying a flared-style Anarkali made with smooth fabric and shiny embellishments. This Eid, make a big impression by dressing in the vibrantly colored embroidered chiffon Anarkali suit, which is the ideal fusion of fashion and Islamic heritage. 

Final thoughts 

You don’t need to struggle much and search too much to buy and try one of these Eid costumes. If purchasing a designer dress for Eid, such as a black dress, a salwar suit, a lehenga, etc., is on your to-do list, you have the best online stores to buy them.  

Online women’s clothing stores present amazing collections of ethnic women’s clothing suitable for many festivals, weddings, and other occasions. Don’t forget to try a unique style this Eid, and may Allah bless you! 

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