3 Must Have Gold Stocks in your Portfolio

Overview of 3 must-have gold stocks in India as per analyst ratings and market capitalization. This is a thorough rundown of India's gold-related equities based on market capitalization and analyst ratings.

By Mystic Vivan
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3 must-have gold stocks in your portfolio
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For many Indian households, gold has been the main pillar of their savings. You can also confidently say that gold is an essential component of the country's economy. As a result, the WGC claims that the investment demand for gold stocks has been rising annually since 2001 by 15% due to the robustness of the gold commodity.  


The gold sector has now evolved into a site of intersection between shifting market patterns and growing gold share values. So, is it wise to invest in India's gold stock market?  

Although purchasing actual gold has always been the method of investing in gold, gold-related equities in India have recently become a popular alternative. This article discusses the top 3 must-have gold stocks in your portfolio, so read and learn about them.  

Overview of 3 must-have gold stocks in India as per analyst ratings and market capitalization 


This is a thorough rundown of India's gold-related equities based on market capitalization and analyst ratings: 

Kalyan Jewellers India  

Kalyan Jewellers India Limited is an Indian retailer of jewelry with a large selection of gold, diamond, white gold, pearl, gemstone, and platinum jewelry items. The main office of Kalyan Jewelers is located in Thrissur. It offers rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, chains, and necklaces as its product lineup. Mudhra, Rang, Vedha, Anokhi, Apoorva, Tejasvi, Ziah, Laya, and Glo are some of the other brands owned by Kalyan Jewellers.  


You can find over 150 retail locations for Kalyan Jewellers across India and the Middle East. In addition, Kalyan Jewellers serves customers via the 'My Kalyan' hub-and-spoke model shops, making it simple for homes in rural areas to contact them.  

Titan Company

Titan Company Limited, a prominent Indian gold stock, was founded in 1984 and is a part of the TATA Group. Its main business is producing and retailing jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, and other accessories. 


The company sells a variety of jewelry, such as chains, necklaces, earrings, rings, and pendants. Titan also sells eyewear, such as frames, sunglasses, and reading glasses.   

Titan also offers distribution, licensing, and franchising services. Titan markets its goods under a number of brands, such as CaratLane, Titan, Sonata, Mia, Titan EyePlus, Taneira, Tanishq, Fastrack, Zoya, and Skinn. With more than 2,000 locations, Titan Company has increased its footprint and now runs 16 distinct brands.  

Muthoot Finance


Muthoot Finance Limited is a gold finance business with its headquarters located in Kerala. It offers a wide range of financial products, such as non-convertible debentures, general insurance, corporate loans, auto loans, gold loans, housing finance, and more. 

The Muthoot Advantage Loan, Muthoot Delight Loan, Muthoot Mudra Loan, and Muthoot One Percent Loan are a few of its gold loan programs. 

In addition, Muthoot Finance provides services like digital and cashless solutions, foreign exchange, PAN Card services, money transfer, leasing, and factoring. Muthoot Finance has representative offices in the US, UK, UAE, and Sri Lanka in addition to its main activities in India.  


Should you invest in gold stocks? 

Like any other investment, buying gold stocks carries a certain amount of risk. Potential risks like market volatility, liquidity problems, and geopolitical unpredictability should be kept in mind. These variables may have an effect on how well gold stocks perform and the returns on your investments. 

Seeking advice from a financial professional and conducting extensive research are crucial before making any investing decisions. You can reduce the risks involved with investing in gold stocks and make well-informed decisions by doing this.  

Final thoughts 

The share prices of various gold stocks should be considered when investing in gold stocks. The gold stock market is subject to volatility and is impacted by a multitude of factors. Therefore, before making any investing selections, you have to do your research. Additionally, ensure that any gold stock investment you make is within your risk tolerance and financial goals. 

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