'Me and Mahi are not close friends': Yuvraj Singh Opens Up About His Relationship with MS Dhoni

Yuvraj Singh, a former Indian cricketer, opens up about his relationship with MS Dhoni, providing insights into their friendship and experiences playing together. Get an inside look into their bond and camaraderie in this article.

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Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni

Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh recently shared some candid insights into his equation with former captain MS Dhoni. In an interview, Yuvraj revealed that while they were not close friends off the field, their friendship was built on their shared love for cricket and their commitment to representing their country. Let's delve deeper into their relationship and uncover the dynamics between these two iconic players.


The Cricketing Bond That Transcended Friendship

Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni were an integral part of the Indian cricket team during their playing days. They shared the field in numerous matches, including the historic victories in the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 ODI World Cup. Despite not being close friends outside the realm of cricket, Yuvraj acknowledged the bond they developed on the field.

According to Yuvraj, their friendship was limited to the cricketing arena. They respected each other as teammates and gave their best for the country.


"Me and Mahi are not close friends. We were friends because of cricket, we played together. Mahi's lifestyle was very different from mine, so we were never close friends, we were only friends because of cricket" Yuvraj said

Decisions and Differences

In any team, differences in opinions and decision-making are inevitable. Yuvraj acknowledged that he and Dhoni had their fair share of disagreements when it came to on-field decisions. Being the captain and vice-captain, it was natural for them to have varying perspectives.


"There were times when he made decisions I didn't like, and sometimes I made decisions he didn't like. That happens in every team," Yuvraj revealed

However, despite these differences, both players always gave their all for the team and embraced their roles as leaders.

A Moment of Truth


Towards the end of Yuvraj's career, when he was uncertain about his future in the Indian cricket team, he turned to Dhoni for advice. It was during this time that Dhoni provided Yuvraj with a reality check.

"He was the guy who told me that the selection committee is not looking at you right now. I was like, at least I got to know the real picture. This was just before the 2019 World Cup. That is the reality," Yuvraj said

Dhoni's honest feedback helped Yuvraj gain clarity about his position in the team and make decisions accordingly. It exemplified the mutual respect and support they had despite not being close friends.


Teammates vs Friends

Yuvraj emphasized that being best friends off the field is not a prerequisite for a successful team. He believed that each player has their own personality and lifestyle, and it is not necessary for everyone to be close friends.

"Your teammates don't have to be your best friends outside the field. Everybody has a different lifestyle, skill set. Certain people hang out with certain people, you don't have to be best friends with everyone to go on the field," Yuvraj stated


What truly mattered to Yuvraj was leaving personal differences aside and contributing to the team's success on the cricket field.

On-Field Bonding Moments

Although Yuvraj and Dhoni may not have been the closest of friends, they shared some remarkable on-field bonding moments that showcased their camaraderie and support for each other.


Yuvraj recalled instances when he went the extra mile for Dhoni.


"There were times when MS was injured, and I was a runner for him. I remember there was one moment when he was in the 90s, and I wanted to give him the strike to help him reach his century. I remember diving for him, for his second run, as he was in the 90s," Yuvraj reminisced

Similarly, Dhoni also displayed his support for Yuvraj during a World Cup match against the Netherlands. Yuvraj was on 48 runs, and there were just two more runs needed for him to reach his half-century. Dhoni intentionally blocked the balls to ensure Yuvraj had the opportunity to achieve this milestone.

These instances highlight the mutual respect and understanding they had for each other's achievements and aspirations on the field.

The Decision that Defined Leadership

One of the defining moments of Dhoni's captaincy was the 2011 World Cup final against Sri Lanka. Yuvraj shed light on the decision-making process that occurred behind the scenes.

"In the World Cup final, it was decided that if Gauti (Gautam Gambhir) gets out, I'll go in, and if Virat gets out, Dhoni goes in. That thing is more important than friendship," Yuvraj revealed

 This decision exemplified the selflessness and strategic mindset of both players, prioritizing the team's success over personal milestones or friendships.

Retirement and Beyond

Both Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni have retired from international cricket, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. Despite not being close friends off the field, they have maintained a cordial relationship and continue to meet as friends.

"When we meet, we meet like friends only, not like 'I don't want to get to know you'. We shot an ad together too, and had fun talking about our past days," Yuvraj shared

This demonstrates that their bond, forged through cricket, transcends the boundaries of friendship.


While Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni may not have been the best of friends outside the cricketing arena, their partnership on the field was remarkable. Their mutual respect, support, and commitment to representing their country united them, leading to many triumphant moments for Indian cricket. Their story is a testament to the fact that a strong professional bond can transcend personal friendships, and it is the shared goal of success that truly matters.

So, as we reflect on their journey together, let us remember that friendship may not always be the foundation of great partnerships, but a common passion and dedication to a cause can create magic on the field.

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