WPL 2024 Gujarat Giants Women (GG-W) Squad Details, Strengths, Weakness and Performance Analysis

Get all the details about the Gujarat Giants Women (GG-W) squad for WPL 2024 including their strengths, weaknesses, and performance analysis. Stay updated with their performance in the tournament.

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Gujarat Giants Women Squad Details and Performance Analysis

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The Gujarat Giants had a forgettable first season in the Women's Premier League (WPL) 2023, but they are determined to turn things around in the upcoming WPL 2024. With a positive mindset and a renewed strategy, the team has made some key changes in their squad and is ready to enter the auctions with a high purse value of Rs. 5.95 Crores. In this article, we will analyze the retained players, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the Gujarat Giants, and also discuss what they need to cover in the upcoming auctions.


Retained and Released Players

The Gujarat Giants have retained a core set of players for the WPL 2024 season. These players bring a perfect blend of experience and skill to the team. They retained Ashleigh Gardner, Beth Mooney, Dayalan Hemalatha, Harleen Deol, Laura Wolvaardt, Shabnam Shakil, Sneh Rana, Tanuja Kanwer. GG released Annabel Sutherland, Ashwani Kumari, Georgia Wareham, Hurley Gala, Kim Garth, Mansi Joshi, Monica Patel, Parunika Sisodia, Sabbineni Meghana, Sophia Dunkley, Sushma Verma.

Gujarat Giants Women Full Squad


Ashleigh Gardner, Beth Mooney, Dayalan Hemalatha, Harleen Deol, Laura Wolvaardt, Shabnam Shakil, Sneh Rana, Tanuja Kanwer, Phoebe Litchfield, Meghna Singh, Trisha Poojitha, Kashvee Gautam, Priya Mishra, Lauren Cheatle, Kathryn Bryce, Mannat Kashyap

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The Gujarat Giants have several strengths that can propel them to success in the WPL 2024. One of their biggest strengths is the presence of international players like Ashleigh Gardner, Beth Mooney, and Laura Wolvaardt. These players not only bring a wealth of experience but also instill confidence in the squad. Additionally, the team has retained domestic players like Dayalan Hemalatha, Harleen Deol, and Sneh Rana, who have also represented the national team. This combination of international and domestic talent gives the Gujarat Giants a strong foundation.



Despite having a strong core, the Gujarat Giants have some weaknesses that need to be addressed. The team released a significant number of players ahead of the auctions, creating gaps in their squad. With over 13 spots to fill, the Gujarat Giants need to strengthen their squad across all departments. They must focus on finding the right players to solidify their batting, bolster their bowling department, and acquire suitable all-rounders to compensate for the released players.



The WPL 2024 presents a perfect opportunity for the Gujarat Giants to revamp their strategy and build a stronger team. With a clean slate and a positive mindset, the team can make calculated decisions during the auctions to acquire players who can elevate their performance. By seizing this opportunity, the Gujarat Giants can turn their fortunes around and make a mark in the upcoming season.


The Gujarat Giants face threats from more settled teams like the Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals. These teams have a proven track record and will be strong contenders in the WPL 2024. The Gujarat Giants need to carefully strategize their auction plans to ensure they find the right combination of players that can compete with these formidable opponents. Failing to get the combination right could pose a threat to their campaign.


The Gujarat Giants are determined to redeem themselves in the upcoming WPL 2024 season. With a retained core of players and a fresh approach to the auctions, they aim to build a strong team that can compete with the best in the league. By addressing their weaknesses, seizing opportunities, and strategizing effectively, the Gujarat Giants have the potential to make a mark in the WPL 2024. Fans eagerly await the team's performance as they enter the auctions and prepare for an exciting season of women's cricket.

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