UP Warriorz vs Royal Challengers Bangalore: An In-depth Review and Highlights

Catch the exciting match review and highlights between UP Warriorz and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the WPL 2024. Get all the details and action-packed moments in this in-depth review.

By Abhinav Chauhan
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UP Warriorz vs Royal Challengers Bangalore
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In a display of sheer cricketing prowess, Royal Challengers Bangalore Women(RCB) faced UP Warriorz Women in a riveting showdown at the Women's Premier League (WPL) 2023-24. This match, steeped in competitive intensity, saw RCB taking an aggressive stance with a robust 198/3 score after opting to bat, igniting the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium with anticipation.


Analyzing the key highlights and strategic moves that shaped the game, this article delves into the UP Warriorz vs Royal Challengers Bangalore encounter, accentuating pivotal performances and match-defining moments. Readers will gain insights into post-match reactions and an overarching narrative that captures the spirit of women's cricket through the exhilarating wpl score and gameplay breakdown.

Key Performances

In the high-octane clash between UP Warriorz and Royal Challengers Bangalore, several players stood out with their remarkable performances:

  • Batting Brilliance:

    • Smriti Mandhana, captain of RCB, led from the front with an impressive 80 runs off 53 balls, including 14 boundaries that set the tone for the match.
    • Ellyse Perry complemented Mandhana's effort with a swift 58 runs off 37 balls, which included a six that famously shattered a car window, a highlight moment of the WPL 2024.
    • For UP Warriorz, Alyssa Healy countered with a valiant 55 runs off 38 deliveries, keeping her team in the hunt during the chase.
  • Bowling Prowess:

    • Asha Shobana's spellbinding performance for RCB, capturing 5 wickets for just 22 runs, turned the game on its head, including a triple-wicket over that proved to be a game-changer.
    • Sophie Molineux and Georgia Wareham each bagged 2 wickets, showcasing their skill in the crucial death overs to seal the victory for RCB.

These individual performances were pivotal in RCB's victory over UP Warriorz, reflecting the competitive spirit and skill level of Women's Cricket in the WPL.

Turning Points

  • Pitch Dynamics: Contrary to the season's trend at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, where chasing teams usually found favor, the UP Warriorz vs Royal Challengers Bangalore match witnessed a deviation. RCB's successful defense of their hefty total defied expectations and showcased their strategic acumen in setting a challenging score for the opposition to chase.

  • Initial Momentum: RCB's opening efforts laid a robust foundation for their innings, amassing 51 runs in just 5.3 overs. This brisk start, despite the loss of an early wicket, was crucial in building the momentum that carried them through to a formidable total.

  • Early Setbacks for UP Warriorz: The UP Warriorz faced an uphill battle from the outset, losing an early wicket in the first over. This setback placed additional pressure on the chasing side, complicating their path to victory and highlighting the effectiveness of RCB's bowling attack from the game's commencement.

  • Sophie Molineux's Decisive Overs: The turning point of the match was underscored by Sophie Molineux's critical wickets, including the dismissal of key players Alyssa Healy and Poonam Khemnar. These breakthroughs at pivotal moments tilted the game in RCB's favor and underscored the importance of timely wickets in defending a total.

  • Climactic Finish: The dramatic final over encapsulated the high-pressure scenario, with UP Warriorz requiring five runs off the last ball to win. Despite a boundary off the penultimate delivery, the Warriorz fell short, underscoring RCB's bowlers' ability to handle pressure in crunch situations. The match concluded with RCB securing a 23-run victory, a testament to their all-round performance.

Post-Match Reactions

The fervor and enthusiasm at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium were palpable, with spectators and players alike reveling in the vibrant atmosphere. Post-match reactions captured the essence of this high-spirited encounter:

  • RCB's Electric Atmosphere: Players from the Royal Challengers Bangalore were visibly moved by the electric atmosphere, with the crowd's response being hailed as the best they've experienced. The energy in the stands was a significant boost for the team, contributing to their on-field performance.

  • Fan Experience: The fans in attendance described the ambiance as 'fantastic' and 'brilliant.' They were treated to a visual spectacle, with the stadium awash in a sea of red and gold, the iconic colors of RCB, which amplified the sense of unity and excitement.

  • Mandhana's Tactical Insights: Smriti Mandhana, in her post-match interview, attributed her stellar performance to her experience in domestic cricket. She also mentioned that a strategic change in the batting order played a crucial role in RCB's success.

  • Perry's Pre-Match Optimism: Before the match, Ellyse Perry expressed her appreciation for the crowd's support, which set a positive tone that carried through to the game. The pre-match interview highlighted the influence of a supportive atmosphere on player morale.

  • Sharma's Team Dynamics: Deepti Sharma from UP Warriorz pointed to teammate Harris' batting as a source of inspiration, indicating the strong team dynamics and morale that drive the Warriorz's efforts.

  • Bahadur's Dream Realized: Simran Bahadur shared her elation at playing for RCB, a dream come true, reflecting the aspirations and team spirit that resonate within the Royal Challengers Bangalore squad.


The UP Warriorz vs Royal Challengers Bangalore match at the WPL 2023-24 was a spectacle of cricketing excellence, with RCB demonstrating their might with both bat and ball. Key performances by Mandhana, Perry, and Shobana, among others, were instrumental in securing RCB's commanding victory. Meanwhile, the determined challenge put up by Healy and the Warriorz ensured a display of cricket that was as enthralling as it was competitive, emphasizing the raising standards in women's cricket.

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