WPL 2024: UP Warriorz Dominate Gujarat Giants, Securing Second Consecutive Victory

In a thrilling match, UP Warriorz showcased their dominance against Gujarat Giants in WPL 2024, securing their second consecutive victory. Get the latest updates and highlights here.

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On March 1, 2024, the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru set the stage for a riveting WPL clash as UP Warriorz Women and Gujarat Giants Women vied for their first win of the season. Their encounter, critical in the context of the WPL table, underscored the competitive essence of the Women's Premier League and the role of venue timing in shaping the tournament's dynamics.


As both teams stepped onto the field, the match promised to be a decisive moment in the early fixtures of the WPL's second edition, with significant implications for their standings in the woman ipl. This article delves into the match, examining key performances and strategic turning points that could alter the course of their campaigns.

Match Summary

In a remarkable display of skill and strategy, UP Warriorz clinched a decisive victory against Gujarat Giants in the WPL 2024. Here's a breakdown of the match:

  • UP Warriorz's Winning Strategy: Opting to bowl first, the Warriorz showcased their dominance in spin bowling, delivering 19 overs of spin during the Giants' innings. This effective strategy was pivotal in their win, as it restricted the Giants to a score of 142/5. The decision to bowl first proved advantageous for the Warriorz.

  • Key Performances: Grace Harris' unbeaten 60 off 33 balls, including 9 fours and 2 sixes, was the cornerstone of UP Warriorz's successful chase. Not to be overshadowed, Sophie Ecclestone's exceptional bowling, taking 3 wickets for 20 runs, significantly hampered the Giants' efforts to build a substantial total.

  • Partnerships and Pacing: The partnerships between Harris and Chamari Athapaththu (36 runs) and Deepti Sharma (53 runs) were crucial in the chase. The Warriorz reached their target with 26 balls to spare, a testament to their pacing and strategic batting.

This victory not only solidified UP Warriorz's position in the WPL table but also highlighted their potential as a formidable force in woman ipl.

Key Players and Moments


Sophie Ecclestone's masterclass in spin bowling was a spectacle, as she equaled her best figures in the WPL, taking a vital 6-wicket haul over the course of the tournament. Her spellbinding performance in this match, capturing 3 wickets for 20 runs, not only curtailed the Giants' scoring but was instrumental in setting up a platform for UP Warriorz's triumph.

Grace Harris, on the other hand, was the linchpin in the chase, smashing an unbeaten 60 from 33 deliveries, including a flurry of boundaries that kept the scoreboard ticking. Her partnerships of 36 runs with Chamari Athapaththu and a more substantial 53 runs with Deepti Sharma were pivotal, ensuring the Warriorz capitalized on the foundation laid by their bowlers.

Key moments that defined the match included:

  • Ecclestone's Dismissals: The turning point came as Ecclestone dismissed the Giants' openers, Beth Mooney and Laura Wolvaardt, exploiting the conditions and halting the promising start by the Giants.
  • Gujarat Giants' Highest Scorer: Despite Ashleigh Gardner's spirited 30 off 17 balls, the Giants' total fell short of posing a significant challenge to the Warriorz's batting depth.
  • UP Warriorz's Captaincy: Alyssa Healy's strategic nous was on display with her decision to chase, contributing a brisk 33 runs herself, setting the tone for the Warriorz's chase.

The match was a showcase of strategic use of bowlers and batting order by UP Warriorz, with Harris's consistent performance against the Giants being a key factor in their second win of the season. Her accolades, including the Sintex Six of the Match and Punch.ev Electric Striker of the Match, underscored her impact on the game. Meanwhile, Gujarat Giants' Phoebe Litchfield and Ashleigh Gardner's partnership added a glimmer of hope, but it wasn't enough to deter the Warriorz's determined pursuit of victory in the wpl.

Implications of the Match


The recent WPL 2024 match between UP Warriorz and Gujarat Giants has had significant repercussions for both teams' standings and future strategies:

  • Gujarat Giants' Struggles:

    • Currently at the bottom of the WPL table, the Giants are yet to secure a win in the tournament.
    • Their batting lineup has consistently failed to put up competitive scores, and their fast bowlers have lacked the necessary penetration and control.
    • The middle order's inability to capitalize on starts has been evident, with scores often hovering around or under 100 runs and a strike rate below 100.
  • UP Warriorz's Tactical Edge:

    • The Warriorz's decision to bowl first and focus on spin bowling has proven effective, keeping them in the race for a playoff spot as they currently sit third in the points table.
    • Alyssa Healy's captaincy and strategic choices, including the decision to chase, align with the season's trend that favors teams batting second.
  • Upcoming Challenges and Opportunities:

    • UP Warriorz aim to extend their winning momentum against Royal Challengers Bangalore, while Gujarat Giants face a crucial match against Delhi Capitals, where they will attempt to recover from their defeats.
    • The Giants' head coach, Michael Klinger, has stressed the need for players to have more confidence in their batting, and captain Beth Mooney has pointed out the necessity for a batter who can carry the innings longer.

The upcoming matches for both teams will be critical in determining their positions in the WPL, with the Warriorz looking to solidify their standing and the Giants seeking to overcome their challenges and register their first win of the season.


The match between UP Warriorz and Gujarat Giants epitomized the exhilarating spirit of the WPL, highlighting the import of strategic gameplay and individual prowess. UP Warriorz's well-executed plan, led by the tactical acumen of Alyssa Healy and the on-field brilliance of Grace Harris and Sophie Ecclestone, demonstrated the impact of cohesive teamwork and adaptive strategies. Conversely, the Gujarat Giants are reminded of the steep hill they must climb and the resilience they need to exhibit as they seek to forge a path to success in upcoming fixtures.

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