Stokes' Straight Talk: Why Shoaib Bashir Isn't in 2nd Test

Ben Stokes contemplates Shoaib Bashir's debut in the second Test due to Jack Leach's injury. The team evaluates Vizag pitch conditions, with Stokes expressing openness to Bashir's inclusion

By Abhinav Chauhan
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ben stokes with bashir

The second Test between England and the host nation in Visakhapatnam is eagerly awaited, with young spinner Shoaib Bashir on the brink of making his debut. Despite missing out on the first match due to a visa glitch, Bashir has returned to India, raising hopes among fans that he might feature in the upcoming game. Unfortunately, Jack Leach's absence due to injury opens up an opportunity, but England skipper Ben Stokes remains coy about Bashir's definite inclusion in the playing XI.


Leach's Setback

Stokes confirmed Leach's unfortunate exclusion from the second Test, citing a leg hematoma resulting from a knock in the previous match. The setback is disheartening, especially considering Leach's return to the game after a prolonged absence due to a back injury. With Leach ruled out, the spotlight turns to Bashir, adding an element of anticipation to England's spin strategy in the upcoming encounter.

Stokes' Philosophical Take


When questioned about Bashir's potential role, Stokes responded with a philosophical perspective, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of cricket. He expressed the view that if Bashir gets the chance, he should embrace it fearlessly, highlighting the unique opportunity of playing one's inaugural Test match. Stokes aims to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for Bashir, acknowledging the significance of such moments in a cricketer's career.

The Coach's Perspective

Stokes, along with vice-captain Ollie Pope and head coach Brendon McCullum, inspected the Vizag pitch to determine the team's spin strategy. The trio evaluated the conditions and contemplated the number of spinners to deploy in the upcoming match. As reports suggest favorable conditions for spinners, the decision-making process gains significance in shaping England's approach to counter the home team.


Bashir's Potential Inclusion

Stokes hinted at the possibility of Bashir featuring in the playing XI, emphasizing that the young spinner is not in the squad merely for the experience. The decision will hinge on the assessment of pitch conditions and the strategic considerations of the team management. Stokes remains open to turning to Bashir if the situation demands, reflecting the dynamic nature of cricket strategies.

Team's Deliberation


Stokes, McCullum, and Pope plan to engage in a more extended discussion regarding the team composition, considering the unique challenges posed by the Vizag pitch. Stokes playfully admitted to tapping the wicket and pretending to understand the conditions, showcasing the lighter side of the decision-making process. The inclusion of Bashir, if it happens, aims to maximize the team's chances while providing the young spinner with a memorable debut experience.

Conclusion – Stokes Keeps Options Open

In conclusion, Stokes remains pragmatic about the team's approach, keeping the door open for Bashir's inclusion based on the evolving conditions. The anticipation builds as fans await the final decision that will shape England's strategy for the crucial second Test. The unpredictable nature of cricket, coupled with the promising talent of Shoaib Bashir, adds an element of excitement to the unfolding drama in Visakhapatnam.

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