Under Virat Kohli, India Wouldn't Lose: England Legends Take a Swipe at Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma faces criticism for India's Test loss to England. Former captain Michael Vaughan deems Rohit's captaincy 'average,' emphasizing the absence of Virat Kohli's influence. Challenges persist in Kohli's continued absence

By Abhinav Chauhan
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Indian cricket team skipper Rohit Sharma is under intense scrutiny from critics following the team's defeat against England in the opening match of the 5-Test series in Hyderabad. Ben Stokes' team outplayed India, and Rohit's leadership skills are being questioned for various on-field decisions. Former England captain Michael Vaughan directly criticized Rohit's captaincy, asserting that the outcome might have been different under Virat Kohli's leadership. Vaughan's remarks align with a wave of criticism from other former cricketers targeting Rohit's captaincy.


Kohli's Absence Amplifies Criticism

Rohit currently leads the Indian team in all three formats, but Kohli was notably absent from the playing XI in the first Test against England due to personal reasons. This absence deprived Rohit of Kohli's experience and strategic insights during crucial moments in the Hyderabad Test. The situation intensified the criticism of Rohit's decision-making on the field, especially with no Virat to consult.

Vaughan's Direct Critique on Rohit's Captaincy


Former captain Michael Vaughan did not mince words in his criticism, describing Rohit Sharma's captaincy as 'very, very average.' In a column for The Telegraph, Vaughan raised concerns about Rohit's field setting, bowling changes, and overall decision-making during the game. He pointed out Rohit's reactivity, lack of proactive measures with bowling changes, and the inability to counter Ollie Pope's unconventional shots.

Virat Kohli's Influence Highlighted

Vaughan emphasized the significant impact of Virat Kohli's absence on the team's performance. He stated that under Kohli's captaincy, India wouldn't have lost the game in Hyderabad. While acknowledging Rohit's legendary status as a player, Vaughan felt that the stand-in captain seemed to have 'switched off' during critical moments in the match.


Rohit's Captaincy Critique Extends to Field Management

In his analysis on the YouTube channel 'Club Prairie Fire,' Vaughan continued to express dissatisfaction with Rohit's captaincy. He elaborated on Rohit's reactive approach, expressing concerns about the lack of maneuvering in field placements and the failure to address challenges posed by specific opposition tactics, such as Ollie Pope's sweeps and reverse sweeps.

Kohli's Continued Absence Raises Concerns

Looking ahead, Virat Kohli will remain absent from the Indian team for the second Test against England, and uncertainties surround his return for the third match of the series. The absence of Kohli, a key player and experienced captain, leaves Rohit facing additional challenges and heightens the anticipation regarding India's performance in the upcoming matches.

In summary, Rohit Sharma's captaincy is under the microscope following India's loss to England, with critics highlighting the absence of Virat Kohli's leadership and strategic prowess. Vaughan's outspoken critique adds to the chorus of disapproval, pointing out specific areas where Rohit's captaincy fell short. As the series progresses, all eyes are on Rohit to address these concerns and lead the team to a potential turnaround in fortunes.

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