'Playing too Aggressively in Tests': Sunil Gavaskar's Advice for Shubman Gill

Sunil Gavaskar offers advice to Shubman Gill on toning down his aggressive play during Test matches. Explore Gavaskar's insights on how Gill can find the right balance between aggression and control in his batting approach.

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Shubman Gill being bowled out by South African Marco Jansen during South Africa vs India 1st Test Day 3 at SuperSport Park, Centurion (Image source: PTI)

In the realm of Test cricket, finding the right balance between aggression and patience is crucial for batsmen. Shubman Gill, the talented young Indian cricketer, has been facing criticism due to his recent failures in red-ball cricket. After a disappointing performance against South Africa, where Gill scored only 2 and 26 in the two innings, questions have been raised about his place in the Test Team. Sunil Gavaskar, the legendary Indian cricketer, has offered some valuable advice to Gill, suggesting that he needs to adapt his aggressive approach to the demands of Test cricket. In this article, we will delve deeper into Gavaskar's advice and its significance for Gill's future in the longest format of the game.



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The Importance of Adapting to Test Cricket


Test cricket is a different ball game compared to T20Is and ODIs. The red ball behaves differently in the air and off the pitch, offering more movement and bounce. Batsmen need to adjust their approach accordingly, finding the right balance between attack and defense. Gavaskar emphasized this point, stating that Gill has been playing "too aggressively" in Test cricket. The young batsman had a promising start to his career, showcasing his shot-making abilities, but he needs to understand the nuances of the longer format to maximize his potential.

Understanding Shubman Gill's Struggles

Gill's numbers in Test cricket paint a mixed picture. In 19 matches, he has averaged a disappointing 31.06, far from what was expected of him. However, it is important to note that Gill has had a solid year in 2023, except for his Test performances. He managed to breach the 50-run mark only once in 10 innings, when he scored a century against Australia in March. In all other innings, his scores ranged from 2 to 29*, indicating a lack of consistency. Gill's struggle to convert starts into big scores has been a cause for concern, and it is something he needs to address moving forward.


Gavaskar's Advice: Curbing Aggression

Gavaskar's advice to Gill revolves around curbing his aggression while playing Test cricket. The former cricketer emphasized the differences between the red and white ball, highlighting the need for Gill to adjust his approach accordingly. The red ball moves more in the air and off the pitch, demanding a more cautious and patient approach from the batsman. Gavaskar hopes that Gill takes this advice to heart, trains harder, and regains his form in the future. Adapting to the specific demands of Test cricket is crucial for Gill's development as a mature and successful batsman.

"I think he is playing a bit too aggressively in Test cricket. There is a slight difference when you play Test cricket vs T20I and ODI cricket. The difference is in the ball. The red ball moves a little more than the white ball in the air and off the pitch as well. It bounces a little more too. He should keep that in mind," said Gavaskar on Star Sports


"Shubman Gill started off his career so well and we praised his shots. We can only hope that he gets back into his form. Hope he trains harder and does well in the future," said Gavaskar

The Balance Between Attack and Defense


Finding the right balance between attack and defense is a challenge for any batsman, especially in Test cricket. While aggression can be an effective weapon, it needs to be tempered with caution and patience. Gill's attacking mindset has brought him success in the limited-overs formats, but it has also led to his downfall in the longer format. The young cricketer needs to understand that scoring runs in Test cricket requires a solid defensive technique and the ability to leave the ball when necessary. Striking the right balance between aggression and restraint will be key to Gill's success in red-ball cricket.

The Need for Technical Adaptation

Apart from adjusting his mindset, Gill might also need to make some technical adaptations to succeed in Test cricket. The longer format exposes any weaknesses in a batsman's technique, and opponents often exploit those weaknesses. Gill needs to work on his footwork, shot selection, and ability to handle the moving ball. These technical aspects are crucial for success in Test cricket, and Gill should seek guidance from experienced coaches and senior players to refine his skills. By addressing these technical aspects, Gill can enhance his chances of thriving in the longest format.


The Importance of Experience and Patience

Test cricket is a game of patience and endurance. It takes time for a young batsman to mature and find his rhythm in the longer format. Gill is still in the early stages of his career, and it is important to give him the necessary time and experience to develop his skills. While his recent failures have raised concerns, it is crucial not to judge him based solely on these performances. Gill has shown glimpses of his potential, and with the right guidance and patience, he can overcome the challenges he currently faces in Test cricket.

Learning from Past Greats


Gavaskar's advice to Gill is not without precedent. Many great cricketers have faced similar challenges early in their careers and have gone on to become legends of the game. Players like Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, and Virat Kohli have all encountered difficulties in Test cricket but managed to overcome them through perseverance and adaptability. Gill can draw inspiration from these cricketing icons and learn from their experiences. By studying their techniques and approaches, he can incorporate their wisdom into his own game and emerge as a stronger player in the longer format.

The Path Ahead for Shubman Gill

Gill's journey in Test cricket is far from over. While his recent failures have raised doubts about his place in the team, it is important to remember that cricket is a game of ups and downs. Gill has shown immense potential in his short career, and it would be premature to write him off based on a few poor performances. With the guidance of experienced cricketers, coaches, and selectors, Gill can work on rectifying his flaws and regaining his form. The upcoming matches provide him with an opportunity to prove his detractors wrong and establish himself as a reliable Test batsman.


Shubman Gill's struggles in Test cricket have been a cause for concern for Indian cricket fans and pundits alike. However, the advice offered by Sunil Gavaskar provides a valuable perspective on how Gill can improve his performance in the longest format. By curbing his aggression, making technical adaptations, and finding the right balance between attack and defense, Gill can overcome the challenges of Test cricket. With time, experience, and the right guidance, he has the potential to become a formidable force in the red-ball format. It is now up to Gill to take Gavaskar's advice to heart, work on his game, and prove his worth on the international stage.

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