Sunil Gavaskar on Jasprit Bumrah's Remarkable Comeback: A Contender for India's Best Performer of 2023

Sunil Gavaskar praises Jasprit Bumrah's remarkable comeback and considers him a strong contender for India's best performer in 2023. Read more about Bumrah's performance and Gavaskar's thoughts in this article.

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Jasprit Bumrah with skipper Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli during ODI World Cup 2023 India vs Afghanistan 9th Match at Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi

In the world of cricket, Jasprit Bumrah's remarkable comeback after back surgery has caught the attention of many cricket enthusiasts, including the legendary Sunil Gavaskar. Gavaskar, known for his astute observations, has named Bumrah as one of the contenders for India's best performer of 2023. Let's delve into the details of Bumrah's impressive achievements and the recognition he has received.


Bumrah's Outstanding Performance in 2023

Despite undergoing back surgery, Jasprit Bumrah displayed remarkable resilience and skill on the field. In the 2023 cricket season, he showcased his prowess in various formats of the game, leaving a lasting impact on the cricketing world. Bumrah's statistics speak for themselves, as he picked up 28 wickets at an excellent economy rate of 4.40 in 16 One Day International (ODI) innings. His contributions were not limited to ODIs; he also made a mark in Test matches and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).

ODI Success


In ODI cricket, Bumrah's performance was exceptional. He showcased his ability to take wickets consistently while maintaining an impressive economy rate. This combination of skill and control made him a valuable asset for the Indian team. In the 2023 season, Bumrah accounted for four dismissals in the only Test innings he bowled and snared four wickets in the two T20Is he played. These performances further solidified his position as an impactful player in all formats of the game.

Gavaskar's Recognition

Sunil Gavaskar, a cricketing legend and renowned commentator, has endorsed Bumrah as a strong contender for India's best performer of 2023. When asked to pick his choice, Gavaskar highlighted Bumrah's impressive comeback after recovering from back surgery. Gavaskar's recognition of Bumrah's abilities is testament to the impact the young bowler has had on the Indian cricket team.


The Contenders for India's Best Performer of 2023

While Gavaskar named Bumrah as one of the contenders, there were other players who also left a lasting impression in the cricketing world in 2023. Let's take a closer look at some of these players and their contributions.

"That's a tough one because I think there are plenty of contenders. Shubman Gill himself, Mohammed Shami with the way he bowled, Mohammed Siraj with the way he bowled in the finals of the Asia Cup," Gavaskar said


"The comeback of Jasprit Bumrah and, of course, the absolutely incredible batting of Virat Kohli in the World Cup where he got three hundreds and about five fifties in nine or 10 innings," Gavaskar said


Virat Kohli: The Highest Run-Scorer


Virat Kohli was the highest run-scorer in the 2023 World Cup. Kohli amassed a staggering 765 runs, including three centuries and six half-centuries, in just 11 innings. His outstanding average of 95.62 showcases his consistency and dominance with the bat. Kohli's contribution to the team's success cannot be overlooked, and his performances in 2023 make him a strong candidate for India's best performer.

Mohammed Shami: The Wicket-Taker

Mohammed Shami, known for his fiery pace and ability to take crucial wickets, emerged as the top wicket-taker in the 2023 cricket season. Shami's exceptional performance saw him pick up 24 wickets in just seven innings, at an unbelievable average of 10.70. His ability to consistently trouble batsmen and break partnerships was instrumental in India's success. Shami's remarkable bowling figures make him a deserving candidate for India's best performer of 2023.


Shubman Gill and KL Rahul: Rising Stars

Irfan Pathan, a former India all-rounder, named Shubman Gill and KL Rahul as two other contenders for India's best performer of 2023. Gill, a young and talented batsman, showcased his potential with some impressive performances in the 2023 season. Similarly, KL Rahul, a versatile player, had a successful year, contributing significantly with both the bat and the gloves. These rising stars have shown promise and have the potential to become consistent performers for the Indian team.

"If we see the performer of the year, Shubman Gill's name will definitely be there but there are two or three other contenders, who were fantastic. KL Rahul - he had an average of 70 in ODI cricket, especially when he came back from injury. Plus he also took the responsibility of wicketkeeping in Test cricket," Irfan said


"The century in Centurion will be considered special for years to come. I feel the third player is Mohammed Shami because he wasn't bowling at his normal position (with the new ball) in the World Cup," Irfan said

Bumrah's Impact

Irfan Pathan also highlighted Jasprit Bumrah as a strong contender for India's best performer of 2023. Pathan emphasized Bumrah's impact on the team, particularly during the World Cup. Despite being initially used as a first-change bowler, Bumrah quickly became the focal point of the Indian bowling attack. His ability to take wickets and contain runs under pressure was crucial in India's success. Bumrah's consistent performances and match-winning contributions make him a worthy contender for the title of India's best performer in 2023.

Conclusion: Multiple Contenders, One Difficult Choice

The 2023 cricket season witnessed stellar performances by several Indian players. From the exceptional comeback of Jasprit Bumrah to the consistent run-scoring of Virat Kohli and the wicket-taking prowess of Mohammed Shami, the Indian cricket team was blessed with numerous outstanding performers. Choosing one player as the best performer of 2023 is indeed a difficult task. Each player mentioned has made significant contributions to the team's success and deserves recognition for their achievements.

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