Shubman Gill Joins beatXP as Brand Ambassador for Smartwatches and Massage Gun

Shubman Gill, the talented Indian cricketer, has joined beatXP as the brand ambassador for their range of smartwatches. Learn more about this exciting collaboration and the features of these smartwatches.

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Shubman Gill Joins beatXP as Brand Ambassador for Smartwatches for Smartwatches and Massage Gun

beatXP, a leading fitness and wellness firm based in Gurgaon, has recently announced the signing of Indian cricket sensation, Shubman Gill, as the brand ambassador for their newest collection of smartwatches. With the rising popularity of fitness and health technology, this collaboration aims to boost beatXP's position in the wearable market. Gill's association with beatXP will not only enhance the brand's reach but also promote the importance of fitness among the youth in India.


About beatXP

Founded in 2020, beatXP is a startup that aims to enhance people's lives through the use of technology. The company offers a wide range of fitness and wellness products, including gym accessories, yoga mats, orthopedic equipment, air bikes, and blood pressure monitors. beatXP is committed to providing affordable and high-quality products that can significantly improve people's health and lifestyle. By combining the best of nature and science, beatXP creates clinically verified goods that inspire, improve, and bring about positive change in people's lives.

Shubman Gill's Partnership with beatXP


Shubman Gill, a talented Indian opening batter, has joined forces with beatXP to endorse their latest collection of smartwatches. Gill's commitment to fitness and his impressive performance on the pitch make him the perfect fit for beatXP's fitness-focused products. As an athlete, Gill understands the importance of staying fit, and he believes that beatXP's smartwatches can help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Through this partnership, Gill aims to build awareness around the significance of fitness, particularly among the youth in India.

Ashish Dhuwan, Business Director at beatXP, expressed his excitement about Gill's association with the brand. He believes that Gill's unmatched commitment to fitness and his remarkable performance on the pitch align perfectly with beatXP's products. Dhuwan is confident that Gill's endorsement will support their efforts in bringing fitness-focused products to the Indian market.

Aziz Alam, Business Director at beatXP, mentioned that Gill's association will enable the brand to expand its reach to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in the country. This partnership aligns with beatXP's goal of making their smartwatches one of their biggest categories. With Gill's support, beatXP aims to provide quality fitness products to a wider audience and promote a healthier lifestyle across India.

Shubman Gill's Performance on the Pitch


Shubman Gill, a dynamic opening batsman for Team India as well as the Gujarat Titans in the IPL, has showcased his explosive skills on the cricket field. Throughout this year, Gill has displayed an impressive performance by smashing eight centuries, three of which were achieved in the IPL 2023. This outstanding feat has resulted in Gill climbing up to the 5th position in ODI rankings and securing the 25th position in T20I rankings – marking a career high for him. With his batting prowess and unwavering commitment to fitness, Gill serves as an excellent ambassador for beatXP's range of smartwatches and massage gun.

The Importance of Wearable Technology in Fitness


Wearable technology has gained significant popularity in recent years, especially in the fitness industry. Smartwatches, in particular, have become essential tools for tracking various aspects of health and fitness. These devices offer features such as heart rate monitoring, step counting, sleep tracking, and even personalized workout plans. By wearing a smartwatch, individuals can easily monitor their progress, set goals, and stay motivated on their fitness journey.

The partnership between Shubman Gill and beatXP highlights the growing demand for wearable technology in India. As more people prioritize their health and fitness, the market for smartwatches and other fitness wearables continues to expand. With beatXP's commitment to providing high-quality and affordable smartwatches, they are well-positioned to meet the needs of the Indian market.

Introducing beatXP's New Smartwatches: Unbound Neo and Vega X


To further strengthen their position in the wearable market, beatXP has recently introduced two new flagship smartwatches: Unbound Neo and Vega X. These smartwatches offer a range of advanced features that cater to the needs of fitness enthusiasts.

Unbound Neo

The Unbound Neo smartwatch is designed to inspire individuals to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals. It features a sleek and lightweight design, making it comfortable to wear during workouts. The Unbound Neo offers various fitness tracking capabilities, including heart rate monitoring, step counting, calorie tracking, and sleep analysis. With its long battery life and water-resistant properties, the Unbound Neo is the perfect companion for both everyday activities and intense workouts.


Vega X

The Vega X smartwatch is built for those who seek advanced fitness tracking features and a stylish design. With its vibrant display and customizable watch faces, the Vega X combines functionality with aesthetics. This smartwatch offers features such as GPS tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, stress tracking, and guided breathing exercises. The Vega X also provides notifications for calls, messages, and social media, ensuring that users stay connected even during their workout sessions.

The Future of Fitness and Wellness


As technology continues to advance, the future of fitness and wellness looks promising. Wearable devices like smartwatches will play a significant role in helping individuals monitor their health, set goals, and make informed decisions about their fitness routines. With the collaboration between Shubman Gill and beatXP, the importance of fitness is being promoted to a wider audience, especially among the youth in India. This partnership serves as a testament to the growing interest in fitness and the increasing demand for innovative fitness products.


The partnership between Shubman Gill and beatXP marks an exciting collaboration in the world of fitness and wellness. Gill's association with beatXP as the brand ambassador for their smartwatches will not only enhance the brand's position in the wearable market but also promote the significance of fitness among the youth in India. With beatXP's commitment to providing high-quality and affordable products, they are well-equipped to meet the growing demand for fitness wearables. As technology continues to evolve, the future of fitness and wellness looks promising, and wearable devices like smartwatches will continue to play a crucial role in helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

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