Dad Hails My Style: Sarfaraz Khan's Big Moment in Indian Cricket

Sarfaraz Khan, inspired by cricket legends and guided by his dedicated father, overcame challenges to shine in Indian cricket. His unwavering commitment, daily rigorous practice, and family support define his remarkable journey.

By Abhinav Chauhan
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In the world of Indian cricket, Sarfaraz Khan's prolific run in domestic circuits has earned him a spot in the national team. Recently called up for the second Test against England, Sarfaraz shares his aspirations to stand alongside legends like Virat Kohli, Viv Richards, and Javed Miandad.


Learning from the Best

Sarfaraz, a Mumbai-based batter, admits to being a fan-boy of cricket stalwarts. From Virat Kohli to AB de Villiers and even Javed Miandad, he keenly observes their techniques. His father's comparison to Miandad adds a personal touch to his cricketing journey, making him a keen learner from every successful player, including Joe Root.

Real-Life Hero: Dad's Dedication


Beyond the cricketing legends, Sarfaraz's real-life hero is his father, Naushad Ahmed. His father's unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in shaping Sarfaraz's career. Despite setbacks and doubts during the early days, Sarfaraz's father instilled the value of hard work, laying the foundation for his success.

A Father's Sacrifices

Sarfaraz reflects on his father's sacrifices, sharing how his dad would travel extensively to support him, even moving with him from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh when he changed teams. The countless hours spent practicing on terraces and roads before selection trials now stand as a testament to the impact of those efforts.


Tough Choices and Unwavering Support

Facing challenges in his cricketing journey, Sarfaraz decided to move back to Mumbai after two seasons with Uttar Pradesh. This decision came with uncertainties, but his father's steadfast support served as a pillar of strength during this crucial phase, emphasizing the importance of standing by one's choices.

A Blossoming Career


Returning to Mumbai proved to be the turning point for Sarfaraz. His cricketing career flourished, with impressive stats of 3912 runs from 45 First-Class matches, boasting an average of 69.85. His red-ball format strike rate of 70.48 underscores his consistent performance, establishing him as a standout performer.

The Secret Behind Consistency

Sarfaraz unveils the secret behind his remarkable consistency – an insatiable hunger for improvement. Playing 500-600 balls daily has become a habit, ensuring he feels fulfilled only after facing 200-300 balls in a match. This relentless practice, coupled with patience, reflects his commitment to excelling in the challenging five-day format.

In conclusion, Sarfaraz Khan's journey is not just about scoring runs but a testament to the dedication, sacrifices, and unwavering support of his father. From being a fan of cricket legends to crafting his own success story, Sarfaraz's narrative inspires aspiring cricketers to embrace hard work and persistence on their path to achieving greatness

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