Former England Star Criticizes Rohit Sharma's Captaincy Without Virat Kohli

England's unexpected 28-run win over India led Monty Panesar to critique Rohit Sharma's captaincy. Panesar highlighted England's fearless approach, the absence of Virat Kohli, and praised key performances by Ollie Pope and Tom Hartley.

By Abhinav Chauhan
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In a surprising turn of events, England secured a 28-run victory over India in the first Test at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. Former cricketer Monty Panesar didn't mince words, labeling Rohit Sharma's captaincy as "clueless." Panesar emphasized the magnitude of England's unexpected triumph, highlighting the need for India to reevaluate their strategy and curb the freedom given to English players. He also suggested that Virat Kohli's absence allowed England to play without fear of failure.


England's Celebration: Feeling Like World Cup Winners

Panesar expressed that England's triumph felt akin to winning the World Cup. The victory, he claimed, was one of the most famous produced by England overseas. The 41-year-old emphasized the English team's learning curve, observing and adapting to India's playing style, weaknesses, and body language. He pinpointed instances like Ben Stokes backing Tom Hartley after a shaky performance, showcasing a fearless approach that sets them apart.

England's Learning Curve: Adapting and Beating India Fearlessly


According to Panesar, England's approach differs from India's, with the visitors learning and adapting from their opponents. He praised England's fearless playing style and predicted that they would beat India by learning from Rohit Sharma's side. The focus was on understanding India's weaknesses and playing with a relentless spirit, a strategy that, according to Panesar, is working for England.

Impactful Performances: Ollie Pope, Tom Hartley, and England's Dominance

Panesar highlighted the pivotal roles played by Ollie Pope and debutant Tom Hartley in England's triumph. He suggested that if these players maintain their form, England could potentially secure a 5-0 series victory. Drawing attention to Hartley's resilience and Stokes' supportive captaincy, Panesar credited their performances as crucial elements in England's success.


Rohit Sharma's Challenge: Stepping Up Without Kohli, Dealing with Injuries

With Ravindra Jadeja and KL Rahul ruled out of the second Test due to injuries, Panesar sees an opportunity for Rohit Sharma to showcase his true captaincy. He urged Rohit to display resilience and fight, emphasizing the absence of Virat Kohli's presence and intensity in the team. Panesar believes that if England wins the next Test, India could face significant challenges, putting the onus on Rohit Sharma to lead without Kohli.

Recapping the First Test: Ollie Pope's Brilliance and Tom Hartley's Debut Spectacle


Panesar recapped the first Test, highlighting Ollie Pope's remarkable innings and Tom Hartley's impactful debut as a spinner. He described how England's comeback, especially on Day 4, was a result of Pope's aggressive batting and Hartley's adept bowling on a challenging pitch. The slow left-arm orthodox spinner exploited the pitch conditions, causing trouble for the Indian batters.

Conclusion: A Turning Point for Rohit Sharma and India

In conclusion, Panesar emphasized that the absence of Kohli's leadership and intensity is evident in the Indian team. He sees the upcoming Tests as a crucial moment for Rohit Sharma to prove himself as a captain who can turn the series around without Kohli. England's unexpected win has set the stage for a challenging series, and Panesar believes that Rohit Sharma's response in the upcoming matches will be pivotal for India's fortunes.

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