'I think he is on the right track': Rahul Dravid backs Shubman Gill

Rahul Dravid, the former Indian cricketer and coach, expresses his support for Shubman Gill and believes that he is on the right track in his cricketing career. Find out more about Dravid's endorsement of Gill's skills and potential.

By Crickified Mohit
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Shubman Gill takes the aerial route during practice session ahead of India vs England 1st Test at Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Hyderabad

Shubman Gill, the talented Indian cricketer, has been making waves in the white-ball formats with his exceptional performances. In 2023, he was honored with the prestigious Cricketer of the Year award by the BCCI, a testament to his remarkable achievements. Gill's journey to success has been nothing short of extraordinary, and his recent performances have cemented his place among the finest cricketers of his generation.


A Stellar Performance in Limited-Overs Cricket

Gill's prowess in limited-overs cricket has been nothing short of phenomenal. In the previous year, he became the fastest batter to reach the 2000-run milestone in One Day Internationals (ODIs). In 29 matches, Gill amassed an impressive 1584 runs at an average of 63.36, including five centuries. This outstanding performance not only showcased his exceptional skills but also highlighted his ability to consistently deliver for his team.

Not only has Gill excelled in ODIs, but he has also made a significant impact in T20 cricket. Making his debut in January of the previous year, he participated in 14 matches and scored 335 runs, including a century. This remarkable achievement placed him among the rare batters who have notched centuries in all three formats of the sport. Gill's ability to adapt to different formats and perform consistently is a testament to his versatility as a cricketer.


A Challenging Season in Test Cricket

While Gill's performances in limited-overs cricket have been stellar, his Test cricket journey has been more challenging. In seven Tests, he managed to accumulate just 304 runs at an average of 27.63. However, amidst the somewhat lackluster season, Gill's innings of 128 against Australia stood out as a solitary saving grace. This innings showcased his potential and provided a glimpse of what he is capable of achieving in the longest format of the game.

Competition and Positioning in the Indian Team


As Gill aims to establish himself in the Indian team, he faces increasing competition from players like Rajat Patidar, who recently impressed with a century against England Lions. Gill's current batting position at No. 3 in Test cricket poses a challenge for him to return to the opening slot. Captain Rohit Sharma and left-handed Yashasvi Jaiswal have formed a formidable opening partnership, as confirmed by head coach Rahul Dravid. To secure his spot, Gill will need to make the most of the opportunities that come his way.

Rahul Dravid's Faith in Gill

Despite the challenges, Gill has a strong supporter in Rahul Dravid, the former Indian captain and current head coach of the Indian team. Dravid has expressed his faith in Gill, acknowledging his early success and highlighting the importance of giving young players time to adapt. Dravid believes that Gill, like many other young cricketers, needs time to find his rhythm and adjust to the challenging wickets encountered in international cricket.


Dravid has observed Gill's dedication and hard work at the nets, indicating that he is on the right track. Gill's performances in the previous season, including centuries in Bangladesh and against Australia in Ahmedabad, further validate Dravid's confidence in the young cricketer. With Dravid's backing, Gill has a golden opportunity to prove his worth in the upcoming five-match Test series against England.

"Gill is a fine player. Starting out the journey as a cricketer sometimes...we forget that it takes a little bit of time at times. Some guys have success instantly, actually he is one of those guys who has done really well in some of his early days, especially in Australia," said Dravid

"To be fair to him a lot of young guys coming through are playing on some challenging wickets, whether it's been in India or England or West Indies. It has been a pretty challenging wickets for the last two or three years," he noted


"He is doing all the right things. He is working really hard. He is putting in the time, putting in the effort

"In the last season he has got a couple of nice hundreds for us, one in Bangladesh and one in Ahmedabad against Australia. I think he is on the right track," elaborated Dravid

The Path to Redemption


The upcoming Test series against England presents Gill with a brilliant chance to turn his fortunes around in Test cricket. As he prepares to face the English team, Gill must focus on his strengths and capitalize on the opportunities presented to him. His ability to adapt to different conditions and perform under pressure will be crucial in cementing his place in the Indian Test team.

Gill's journey as a cricketer has just begun, and it is important to remember that success takes time. While he has already achieved great feats early on in his career, there is still much more to come from the talented right-hander. With the guidance and support of Rahul Dravid, Gill can continue to develop his skills and reach new heights in the world of cricket.

As Gill steps onto the field, he carries the hopes and dreams of millions of fans who believe in his ability to shine. The path to redemption may not be easy, but with determination, hard work, and the right mindset, Shubman Gill has the potential to become one of the greatest cricketers of his generation.




Shubman Gill's journey in cricket has been a mix of highs and lows. While he has excelled in white-ball cricket, his Test career is still a work in progress. With the support and guidance of Rahul Dravid, Gill has the chance to showcase his potential in the upcoming Test series against England. The young cricketer's determination, hard work, and talent make him a valuable asset for the Indian team. As Gill steps onto the field, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await his success story, hoping to witness his transformation from a promising talent to a true match-winner.

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