Pakistan's Hosting Rights for Champions Trophy 2025 in Jeopardy: Report

Pakistan's hosting rights for the Champions Trophy 2025 may be in jeopardy, according to a recent report. Find out more about the situation and the potential impact on the tournament.

By Crickified Mohit
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Asia Cup 2023 Pakistan vs India Super Fours 3rd Match at R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is facing a potential setback as the International Cricket Council (ICC) may strip them of their hosting rights for the much-anticipated Champions Trophy 2025. Recent reports suggest that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) remains steadfast in its decision not to tour Pakistan for cricket matches, which has led to concerns over Pakistan's ability to host the tournament. This article delves into the implications of these developments and explores the possibility of a hybrid model for the tournament.


India's Refusal to Tour Pakistan

The BCCI has made it clear that the Indian men's cricket team will not travel to Pakistan until the government grants clearance. This decision has not only impacted bilateral series between the two nations but has also affected prestigious tournaments like the Asia Cup 2022. Due to security concerns, India did not participate in the Asia Cup held in Pakistan. This stance by the BCCI has raised questions about their willingness to tour Pakistan for the Champions Trophy as well.

BCCI secretary Jay Shah's statement regarding the Indian team's reluctance to cross the border has sparked a heated exchange between the cricket boards of India and Pakistan. The then PCB boss, Ramiz Raja, expressed his disappointment, stating that if India were not willing to come to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy, he would reciprocate by not sending the Pakistani team to India for the World Cup. However, despite these tensions, the Asia Cup 2022 was held in a hybrid model, with games played in both Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Moreover, Pakistan did travel to India for the World Cup, suggesting that the situation may not escalate as dramatically as initially anticipated.


Uncertainty Surrounding the Champions Trophy

With the Champions Trophy scheduled to return to the ICC roster after an eight-year hiatus, the PCB is concerned about the potential repeat of India's refusal to tour Pakistan. If India declines to travel to Pakistan for the tournament, the PCB fears losing the hosting rights altogether. In such a scenario, the UAE has emerged as a possible alternative venue for the event.

During a meeting with the ICC executive board in Ahmedabad, PCB representatives Zaka Ashraf and COO Salman Naseer voiced their concerns about India's uncertainty regarding the Champions Trophy. They emphasized the importance of avoiding unilateral decisions and stressed that the ICC should compensate Pakistan adequately if the BCCI refuses to tour Pakistan. The PCB further highlighted that several teams, including Australia, England, and New Zealand, have toured Pakistan without any security concerns in recent years.


The Need for Compensation

To maintain fairness and uphold the integrity of the tournament, the PCB urged the ICC to address the issue of compensation if the Champions Trophy matches are moved to another country due to India's non-participation. The PCB firmly believes that if India does not send its team to Pakistan, the ICC should compensate Pakistan accordingly. This compensation would acknowledge Pakistan's efforts in hosting international teams and the financial impact of relocating the matches.

The Champions Trophy Format


The Champions Trophy is a prestigious tournament that features the best eight teams from around the world. The host nation and the top seven teams from the ODI World Cup 2023 will participate in the tournament. The last edition of the Champions Trophy took place in 2017, with Pakistan emerging victorious.


The possibility of Pakistan losing the hosting rights for the Champions Trophy 2025 due to India's refusal to tour the country has raised concerns within the cricketing community. The PCB has emphasized the need for compensation if India does not send its team to Pakistan, pointing to the successful tours conducted by other international teams in recent years. The decision to move the tournament to the UAE, should it become necessary, would ensure that the tournament proceeds smoothly. As cricket fans await further developments, the ICC and the cricket boards of both nations must work together to find a fair resolution that upholds the spirit of the game.

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