Ranveer Singh and Pritam Collaborate to Release the Official Cricket World Cup 2023 Anthem

Ranveer Singh and Pritam have joined forces to create and release the official anthem for the Cricket World Cup 2023. Read more about this exciting collaboration and get ready for the upcoming tournament.

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Official Cricket World Cup 2023 Anthem (Image Credits: ICC)

The excitement for the upcoming ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 is reaching new heights as Ranveer Singh and Pritam join forces to release the official anthem, titled "Dil Jashn Bole." This collaboration between the internationally acclaimed actor and the coveted Bollywood composer aims to capture the emotions of the cricket community across the world. With a blend of traditional Indian instruments and an international flavor, the anthem promises to take fans on a captivating journey through the biggest Cricket World Cup ever.


A Celebration of Cricket's Global Appeal

The official anthem, "Dil Jashn Bole," showcases the love and passion that fans have for the sport. Ranveer Singh, known for his energy and enthusiasm, expressed his gratitude for being a part of the anthem launch. He stated, "Being part of this anthem launch for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 is truly an honor. It's a celebration of the sport we all love."

Pritam, the mastermind behind many Bollywood chartbusters, shared his excitement about composing the anthem. He emphasized the significance of cricket in India and its ability to bring people together. "Cricket is India's greatest passion, and composing 'Dil Jashn Bole' for the biggest World Cup ever has been a tremendous honor for me. This song is not just for 1.4 billion Indian fans but for the whole world to come to India and be a part of the biggest celebration ever."


Uniting Nations and Fans Across Cultures


The anthem's music video aims to unite nations and fans across cultures. It features a diverse representation of cricket enthusiasts from around the world, showcasing the global appeal of the sport. The captivating visuals and energetic choreography are designed to create a sense of unity and celebration.

Join the Fan Anthem and Showcase Your Passion

Fans will also have the opportunity to showcase their passion for cricket through the song's hook-step. A collective Fan Anthem encourages fans to team up with a friend, capture their unique hook-step performance, and share it on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #CWC23. This initiative aims to highlight the world's enthusiasm for the anthem and the tournament.


Availability and Fan Engagement

The official anthem, "Dil Jashn Bole," is available on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, Hungama, Resso, Wynk, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, fans can enjoy listening to the anthem on radio stations like Big FM and Red FM.

The ICC has also created an official mobile app that allows fans to stay updated with the latest news, scores, and highlights from the Cricket World Cup 2023. This app provides a platform for fans to engage with each other and share their excitement for the tournament.


The collaboration between Ranveer Singh and Pritam to release the official anthem for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023 is a testament to the global appeal of the sport. "Dil Jashn Bole" aims to capture the emotions of cricket fans worldwide and unite them in a celebration of the game. With its catchy tune and energetic visuals, the anthem promises to be a memorable part of the Cricket World Cup experience. So, get ready to join the One Day Express and be part of the greatest cricket Jashn ever!

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