Mohammed Siraj's Brilliant Delivery Shines in South Africa vs India 1st Test Day 2

Mohammed Siraj's exceptional delivery during the South Africa vs India 1st Test on Day 2 displayed his brilliance and skill. Learn more about this outstanding performance and its impact on the game.

By Crickified Mohit
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Mohammed Siraj celebrates during South Africa vs India 1st Test Day 2 at SuperSport Park, Centurion

The first Test match between South Africa and India at Centurion witnessed a thrilling moment of magic courtesy of Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj. Stepping up when his team needed it the most, Siraj produced an absolute peach of a delivery to clean up debutant David Bedingham. This article delves into the details of this sensational dismissal and analyzes the overall performance of the Indian bowling attack.



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The Game-Changing Delivery


On Day 2 of the first Test, South African debutant David Bedingham had already put on a century stand with veteran opener Dean Elgar. The Indian players' shoulders had dropped, and their body language seemed flat as the Proteas came within one run of leveling the first innings score. However, Mohammed Siraj, known for his ability to produce moments of brilliance, delivered a sensational ball out of the blue.

Siraj bowled a fuller delivery that nipped back off the seam, sneaking through the gap between Bedingham's bat and pad to crash into the middle stump. This extraordinary delivery left Bedingham in disbelief while Siraj celebrated in his customary fashion. The dismissal turned the tide in India's favor, injecting some much-needed spark into their bowling performance.

Inconsistencies in the Indian Bowling Attack


Although Jasprit Bumrah struck twice in quick succession, dismissing two South African batsmen, the Indian bowlers struggled to maintain their dominance. Both Dean Elgar and David Bedingham found it relatively easy to play their shots, taking advantage of inconsistent lines and lengths from the Indian bowlers. Apart from Bumrah and, to some extent, Siraj, the visitors' bowling plans were subpar.

The pitch had flattened out compared to Day 1, providing an opportunity for the South African batsmen to build a solid lead. At stumps on Day 2, South Africa had taken a lead of 11 runs with five wickets in hand. Their main aim would be to ensure that Elgar bats as long as possible, preventing India from making a comeback in the Test match.

Key Performances and the Road Ahead


While Mohammed Siraj's magical delivery provided a ray of hope for India, it's important to acknowledge the contributions of other players as well. Jasprit Bumrah's quick strikes gave the visitors initial breakthroughs, putting the Proteas under pressure. However, the team needs a collective effort from the bowling unit to restrict South Africa's lead and mount a strong comeback.

Looking ahead, India must regroup and strategize for the remaining days of the Test match. The bowlers need to address their inconsistencies and execute well-defined plans against each batsman. Additionally, the fielding unit must support the bowlers by taking crucial catches and effecting run-outs whenever the opportunity arises.


Mohammed Siraj's brilliant delivery to dismiss David Bedingham showcased his exceptional skill and ability to produce game-changing moments. While India still face an uphill battle in the first Test against South Africa, this dismissal has injected some much-needed energy into their bowling performance. With collective efforts and better execution of plans, India can turn the tide in their favor and make a strong comeback in the remaining days of the match.

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