Mayank Agarwal Files Police Report After Hospital Stay

Mayank Agarwal's unexpected health episode has added a unique chapter to his cricketing journey. As investigations unfold, the cricket fraternity awaits his recovery and return to the pitch, hoping for smooth transition from this unexpected twist of fate.

By Abhinav Chauhan
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Mayank Agrwal

Out-of-favor Indian opener and Karnataka skipper Mayank Agarwal faced an unexpected turn of events when he fell seriously ill just before his New Delhi-bound flight. The incident raised eyebrows in the cricket community as Agarwal, in a surprising move, filed an official police complaint, alleging foul play.


The In-Flight Mishap

While onboard an IndiGo flight, Agarwal's health took a sudden nosedive after he consumed liquid from a pouch, mistakenly thinking it was water. The cricketer, now stable, had experienced irritation, swelling, and ulcers in his mouth. His manager promptly filed a formal complaint with the police, initiating an investigation under NCCPS (New Capital Complex Police Station).

Manager's Account and Formal Complaint


Agarwal's manager revealed that the cricketer drank from a pouch placed in front of him during the flight, leading to mouth irritation and speech difficulty. The manager lodged a specific complaint with the police, prompting an official investigation. According to SP West Tripura Kiran Kumar, Agarwal is stable now, but the police will delve into the matter further.

Medical Assessment and Statement

The cricketer was admitted to ILS Hospital, where, according to the hospital's manager, Manoj Kumar Debnath, he faced oral irritation and swelling on his lips. Clinically stable and under constant monitoring, Agarwal's condition is being closely observed.


Cricketing Commitments Affected

Agarwal, a seasoned Test player for India, recently led Karnataka to victory against Tripura. However, due to his health setback, he will miss the upcoming Ranji Trophy match against Railways in Surat. Nikin Jose is expected to step in as the team's captain for the next match.

Reassurance from Karnataka State Cricket Association


Despite the health scare, a Karnataka State Cricket Association official assured that Agarwal is not in danger and is expected to return to Bengaluru once doctors provide updates. Dismissing rumors, the official emphasized Agarwal's stability and ongoing communication with medical professionals.

IndiGo's Statement

IndiGo, in its statement, confirmed the medical emergency onboard but did not elaborate on the nature of the incident. Flight 6E 5177 from Agartala to Delhi returned to the origin due to the emergency, and Agarwal was off-loaded and rushed to the hospital for further medical attention.


Team's Account of In-Flight Unease

Agarwal's unease began during the flight to Surat, where he vomited multiple times. De-boarding the flight due to illness, Agarwal's health became a cause for concern. The Karnataka team, in collaboration with the medical staff, ensured prompt attention and care for the cricketer.

Theories Surrounding the Mishap

Amidst speculations, it is suggested that Agarwal may have mistakenly consumed a transparent liquid, assuming it was water. Various theories circulate regarding the substance and its impact on his health, adding intrigue to the unusual incident

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