Kane Williamson's Remarkable Test Milestone Tops Kohli and Bradman

Kane Williamson's unbeaten 112 propels New Zealand against South Africa, marking his 30th Test century and surpassing Kohli and Bradman. A resilient partnership with Ravindra showcases strategic brilliance, securing a dominant position

By Abhinav Chauhan
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In a cricket spectacle on Sunday, New Zealand's seasoned batsman, Kane Williamson, outshone both Virat Kohli and the legendary Don Bradman in the list of Test centuries. On the first day at Bay Oval against South Africa, Williamson's unbeaten score of 112 (259) marked his 30th Test century, establishing a new benchmark. The veteran cricketer showcased his prowess, forging an unbroken 219-run partnership with Rachin Ravindra (118*), setting the stage for a memorable start to 2024.


Battling Odds: Williamson's Resilience Shines

Facing adversity as New Zealand found themselves at 39/2, Williamson, with his wealth of experience, exhibited almost flawless batting throughout the day. Despite a couple of hiccups, he resiliently scored an unbeaten 112, steering his team away from potential trouble. A near-dismissal on Ravindra's quick single attempt and a few close calls didn't deter Williamson, who remained a pillar for the team, ensuring they finished the day in a strong position.

Milestone Moment: Surpassing Legends


With his 30th Test century, Williamson eclipsed the records set by both Kohli and Bradman, who had amassed 29 centuries each. Notably, he also matched England's Joe Root, leveling the playing field with a total of 30 Test centuries. The achievement not only reflects Williamson's consistency but also cements his status as one of the premier batsmen in the cricketing world.

Strategic Brilliance: Williamson and Ravindra's Dominance

Navigating a tricky situation, Williamson and Ravindra demonstrated a blend of methodical play and raw talent. After an early struggle with the ball, they capitalized on South Africa's inexperience and missed opportunities. The duo showcased patience during the second session, facing 27 overs and scoring 60 runs. Their approach, marked by selective shot-making and solid defense, frustrated the opposition and turned the tide in New Zealand's favor.


Conditions Favor Batsmen: Seizing Opportunities

As the day progressed, the batting conditions became more favorable, yet South Africa managed to create openings. Despite a few scares, including Williamson's close call and Ravindra's edge narrowly avoiding dismissal, the duo maintained their composure. The South African bowlers, particularly Duanne Olivier, posed threats, but Williamson and Ravindra's resilience denied them crucial breakthroughs.

A Day of Resilience and Records for New Zealand's Kane Williamson

In summary, Sunday's cricketing extravaganza witnessed Kane Williamson's masterclass as he surpassed cricketing legends in Test centuries. His unbeaten century, coupled with a formidable partnership with Rachin Ravindra, not only propelled New Zealand against South Africa but also etched his name in the record books. Williamson's strategic brilliance and resilience in challenging situations showcased the essence of a seasoned batsman, leaving cricket enthusiasts in awe of his prowess

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