Jay Shah: The Reappointment as Asian Cricket Council President

Jay Shah's reappointment as the President of the Asian Cricket Council is a significant development in the world of cricket. Explore the achievements and contributions of Jay Shah in his role as the ACC President.

By Mystic Vivan
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Jay Shah

Cricket is more than just a sport in Asia; it is a passion that unites millions of people. And at the heart of this cricketing fervor lies the Asian Cricket Council (ACC), an organization dedicated to promoting and developing cricket across the Asian region. In recent news, Jay Shah has been re-appointed as the ACC President for a third consecutive term, reaffirming his visionary leadership and commitment to the sport. 


A Continuation of Leadership

In a move that puts an end to speculations of a potential stepping down, Jay Shah has been re-appointed as the ACC President for a third term. This decision, taken at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), extends Shah's tenure by another year. It not only highlights the trust placed in his leadership but also solidifies his position as a key figure in the cricketing world.

The Nomination and Support


The proposal for Jay Shah's reappointment was put forward by Mr. Shammi Silva, the President of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). The nomination received unanimous backing from the members of the Asian Cricket Council. This overwhelming support demonstrates the recognition of Shah's significant contributions to the development of cricket in the Asian region.

A Visionary Leader

Under Jay Shah's visionary leadership, the ACC has made remarkable progress in promoting and nurturing cricket across Asia. One notable achievement during his previous tenure was the successful organization of the Asia Cup in both T20 and ODI formats. These events showcased Asia's hosting capabilities for premier cricket tournaments and brought together cricket enthusiasts from all over the continent.


Jay Shah's Statement

Expressing his gratitude for the continued trust placed in him, Jay Shah acknowledged the responsibility of ensuring the all-round development of the sport, with a particular focus on regions where cricket is still in its infancy. He emphasized the ACC's commitment to nurturing cricket across Asia and reiterated the organization's dedication to the game.

A Remarkable Journey


Jay Shah's journey in cricket administration began in January 2021 when he took over as the ACC President from Nazmul Hassan, the President of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). This transition made Shah the youngest administrator to be re-appointed as the ACC President, underscoring his remarkable achievements and leadership abilities at a young age.

Looking Ahead

With his reappointment as the ACC President, Jay Shah now sets his sights on the International Cricket Council (ICC) chief position. While rumors had circulated about this potential move, the decision to continue as the ACC President indicates that Shah is focused on making further contributions to cricket in the Asian region before potentially taking up a more prominent role on the global stage.


Jay Shah's reappointment as the Asian Cricket Council President for a third consecutive term is a testament to his exemplary leadership and dedication to the growth of cricket in Asia. Under his guidance, the ACC has achieved significant milestones and organized prestigious cricket tournaments. As Jay Shah continues his journey, cricket enthusiasts across Asia eagerly anticipate the continued progress and development of the sport under his visionary leadership.

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