'If every country gets a bowler like Jasprit Bumrah, Test cricket will keep flourishing': Irfan Pathan

Former cricketer Irfan Pathan praises the skills and impact of Jasprit Bumrah, suggesting that if every country had a bowler like him, Test cricket would continue to thrive. Learn more about Pathan's perspective on Bumrah's role in the sport.

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Jasprit Bumrah took six-wicket haul during South Africa vs India 2nd Test Day 2 at Newlands, Cape Town (Reference: Sportskeeda)

Test cricket is regarded as the pinnacle of the sport, where teams battle it out over five days to assert their dominance. The format demands not only skill but also endurance, mental fortitude, and consistency. In recent years, the emergence of Jasprit Bumrah has taken the cricketing world by storm. The Indian pacer has showcased his exceptional abilities and has become a role model for aspiring fast bowlers around the globe. In a recent interview, former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan expressed his admiration for Bumrah and emphasized the importance of having such bowlers in every country. In this article, we will delve deeper into the impact Bumrah has made on Test cricket and explore how his dedication and skill have elevated the game.


Jasprit Bumrah: The Inspiration

Jasprit Bumrah's journey in Test cricket has been nothing short of remarkable. After recovering from a back surgery, he returned to the longest format with a renewed determination to make a difference. His unorthodox bowling action, coupled with his ability to generate pace and movement, has made him a force to be reckoned with. Irfan Pathan, in his praise for Bumrah, highlighted the young fast bowler's attitude and resilience, stating, 

"I have fallen in love with Jasprit Bumrah's attitude, especially the way he has bowled after back surgery. He is not only an inspiration for Indian cricket but also for world cricket," Irfan said



Bumrah's commitment to red-ball cricket, even after undergoing surgery, sets him apart from many others. His willingness to prioritize the longest format demonstrates his dedication and love for the game. Irfan Pathan believes that Bumrah's commitment is a testament to his character and a shining example for other bowlers. 

"If you are prioritizing red-ball cricket even after surgery, you won't get a bigger brand ambassador than him in bowling. If every country gets a bowler like Jasprit Bumrah, Test cricket will keep flourishing," Irfan added


Bumrah's Impact on the India-South Africa Series

The recently concluded series between India and South Africa provided a perfect platform for Jasprit Bumrah to showcase his skills in Test cricket. In the first Test at Centurion, Bumrah made an immediate impact by picking up four wickets in South Africa's only innings. Despite not being at his best in the first innings of the second Test in Cape Town, Bumrah bounced back in the second innings with figures of 6/61. His spell played a pivotal role in helping India bowl out the hosts for a meager 176 runs.


Bumrah's ability to deliver game-defining spells, even in challenging conditions, highlights his adaptability and skill. His unconventional action and mastery over swing and seam make him a potent weapon for the Indian team. Bumrah's performances in the series against South Africa have further cemented his place as one of the premier fast bowlers in the world.

The Complete Bowler: Sunil Gavaskar's Perspective

Sunil Gavaskar, one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket, also heaped praise on Jasprit Bumrah. Gavaskar commended Bumrah's eagerness to continuously improve and learn. Gavaskar highlighted the challenges that come with Bumrah's unique action, particularly the art of bowling outswing. He marveled at Bumrah's ability to generate outswing and acknowledged the effort the young bowler puts into honing his craft.


"I don't know Bumrah as a person but as a cricketer, he wants to make himself a better cricketer every day. It's difficult to bowl outswing with his action but the way he is bowling outswing now, how much effort he would have put in. He has the slower bouncer as well," Gavaskar mentioned

Apart from his bowling prowess, Bumrah has also displayed his batting skills on several occasions. Gavaskar mentioned Bumrah's application with the bat and recalled his impressive performances, including a quick-fire fifty in England. Bumrah's ability to contribute with the bat adds value to the Indian team and showcases his all-round abilities.

"He shows very good application in batting as well. He went as a nightwatchman in Australia. Then I had jokingly said that he would tell his grandchildren going forward that he batted at No. 3 for India. He can bat well going forward. We saw him making the fastest fifty (most runs in an over) in England," Gavaskar said


Gavaskar further emphasized the importance of Bumrah's role within the team. He praised the pacer for guiding his relatively inexperienced bowling partners and leading by example. Mohammed Siraj, Bumrah's teammate, acknowledged Bumrah's guidance during the second Test's post-match presentation. This aspect of Bumrah's game highlights his leadership qualities and his commitment to nurturing young talents.

Bumrah: A Role Model for Aspiring Bowlers

Jasprit Bumrah's rise to prominence has had a profound impact on aspiring fast bowlers worldwide. His unique bowling action, combined with his success at the international level, has inspired a new generation of cricketers. Bumrah's dedication to the game, even in the face of adversity, serves as a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work and perseverance.


Young bowlers around the world have started emulating Bumrah's action and studying his techniques. His ability to consistently deliver accurate yorkers, lethal bouncers, and deceptive slower balls has become a benchmark for aspiring fast bowlers. Bumrah's impact extends beyond his on-field performances; he has become a role model for those looking to make their mark in the world of cricket.

Test Cricket: A Format in Need of Inspirational Bowlers

The importance of having bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah in every cricket-playing nation cannot be overstated. Test cricket, often considered the ultimate form of the game, thrives on intense battles between bat and ball. The presence of skillful and committed bowlers adds excitement and unpredictability to the format. Bumrah's success in Test cricket has revitalized the importance of fast bowling and has reignited the interest in the longer format of the game.

The impact of inspirational bowlers like Bumrah goes beyond their individual performances. They inspire their teammates, instill fear in the opposition, and create memorable moments that fans cherish for years to come. Test cricket needs more bowlers who are willing to prioritize the format and give it the attention it deserves. The presence of such bowlers ensures the longevity and growth of the game.

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Jasprit Bumrah's journey in Test cricket has been nothing short of extraordinary. His dedication, skill, and commitment to the longest format of the game have made him an inspiration for cricketers worldwide. Former cricketer Irfan Pathan's admiration for Bumrah's attitude and resilience serves as a testament to his impact on the sport. Bumrah's performances in the India-South Africa series highlighted his ability to deliver game-defining spells and adapt to challenging conditions.

Sunil Gavaskar, another cricketing legend, commended Bumrah for his continuous quest for improvement and his all-round abilities. Bumrah's impact extends beyond the cricket field, as aspiring bowlers look up to him as a role model. His success in Test cricket has revitalized the format and emphasized the importance of inspirational bowlers in every cricket-playing nation.

In conclusion, Jasprit Bumrah's rise to prominence has demonstrated the significance of having bowlers like him in Test cricket. Their presence adds excitement, unpredictability, and longevity to the format. As cricket continues to evolve, the need for inspirational bowlers like Bumrah becomes more evident. With their skill, dedication, and love for the game, Test cricket will undoubtedly keep flourishing.

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