India Slips to Fifth Spot in World Test Championship Rankings

India's recent performance in the World Test Championship has seen them slipping to the fifth spot in the rankings. Get updates on the latest Cricket Fever and the performance of the Indian cricket team in this championship.

By Mystic Vivan
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World Test Championship

India's cricket team recently suffered a setback in the World Test Championship (WTC) rankings after their unexpected defeat to England in the first Test match in Hyderabad. This defeat has pushed India down to fifth place, behind Bangladesh, in the rankings.


The World Test Championship Standings

The World Test Championship is a tournament that aims to determine the best Test-playing nation over a two-year cycle. The standings are based on a points system, with teams earning points for wins, draws, and ties. At the end of the cycle, the top two teams will compete in the WTC final to determine the champion.

India's Fall from the Top


India's journey in the WTC has been a rollercoaster ride. After drawing a two-Test series with South Africa, they briefly took the top spot in the rankings. However, their defeat against England has pushed them down to fifth place with 55 percentage points.

Australia Remains at the Top

Despite suffering a surprising defeat to the West Indies, Australia continues to lead the WTC rankings. Their accumulated percentage points have helped them maintain their position at the top.


South Africa, New Zealand, and Bangladesh

South Africa, New Zealand, and Bangladesh are currently placed second, third, and fourth in the WTC rankings, respectively. All three teams have accumulated 50 percentage points, placing them ahead of India.

Other Teams in the Rankings


Below India, teams like Pakistan, West Indies, England, and Sri Lanka are also vying for higher positions in the rankings. Each team's performance in upcoming matches will play a crucial role in determining their standing.

Factors Contributing to India's Slide

India's slip to fifth place in the WTC rankings can be attributed to several factors. Let's examine some of the key reasons behind their decline.


Defeat against England

India's defeat in the first Test against England was a major blow to their WTC campaign. The home team struggled to chase a target of 231 runs in the fourth innings, eventually being bowled out for 202. England's Tom Hartley was the star performer, taking 7 wickets for 62 runs and causing a collapse in the Indian batting lineup.

Decreased Accumulated Percentage Points


India's accumulated percentage points have significantly decreased since the South Africa series. Their percentage points have dropped from 54.16 to 43.33, further contributing to their fall in the rankings.

WTC 2023-2025 Cycle

The current WTC cycle, spanning from 2023 to 2025, follows a points system where teams earn 12 points for a win, 4 for a draw, and 6 for a tie. This cycle will determine the two teams that will compete in the WTC final.


India's defeat against England has resulted in their drop to fifth place in the WTC rankings. While it is a setback for the team, there are still many matches to be played in the WTC 2023-2025 cycle, providing opportunities for India to improve their position. As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on the teams as they battle for a spot in the WTC final and the chance to be crowned the world's best Test-playing nation.

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