The Clash of Bazball and 'Viratball', What to Expect in the India-England Test Series: Sunil Gavaskar's Take

Get insights from cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar on what to expect in the India-England Test Series and the clash between "Bazball" and "Viratball". Discover key highlights and predictions for this highly anticipated cricket showdown.

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Former Indian Cricketer and Commentator Sunil Gavaskar

Cricket fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming five-match Test series between India and England, which is set to commence on January 25th in Hyderabad. Former India captain, Sunil Gavaskar, has expressed his belief that Virat Kohli's prowess will pose a significant threat to England's Bazball approach. In this article, we will delve into the statistics, strategies, and expert analysis to understand the dynamics between Bazball and Viratball in the context of this exciting series.



Virat Kohli's Dominance against England

Sunil Gavaskar highlighted that Virat Kohli boasts an impressive average of 50+ in home Tests against England. With a double hundred and two centuries to his name, Kohli has accumulated 1991 runs in 28 Tests at an average of 42.36. This remarkable record illustrates his ability to thrive against the English bowling attack on home soil.


The Threat of Bazball in India

Gavaskar acknowledges that England's Bazball approach, which draws inspiration from the shorter format of the game, can be effective in India's spin-friendly conditions. The former cricketer likens Bazball to the fast-paced nature of T20 cricket, where boundaries have become shorter and even mishits can sail over the ropes. However, he remains confident in the ability of India's spinners to outshine their English counterparts.



“Agar unke bass Bazball hai to hamare pass Viratball hai (if they have Bazball, we have Viratball),” Gavaskar told Star Sports

The First Test in Hyderabad: Setting the Tone

According to Gavaskar, the opening Test in Hyderabad will set the tone for the rest of the series. The pitch in Hyderabad offers pace and bounce, which favors the batsmen. This provides an intriguing challenge for the English team as they attempt to implement their Bazball strategy against India's formidable spinners.


“In T20s, your mentality is to avoid sixes and fours whether you get the wickets or not. You alter the flight and line. So, if they get hit for two or four sixes then they will change the flight and length and it can be effective," said Gavaskar

"The first Test will be very important. We’ve to see to the pitch in Hyderabad, it offers a lot of pace and bounce, which is good for the batters. It’ll be a good test for Bazball against our spinners," said Gavaskar

The Impact of Bazball on Spinners


In T20 cricket, the primary objective for bowlers is to restrict boundaries and minimize the scoring opportunities for batsmen. Gavaskar explains that if England's batsmen manage to hit the spinners for boundaries, it may prompt the Indian spinners to adjust their flight and length. This adaptability can prove to be effective in containing the English batsmen and neutralizing their Bazball approach.

“Bazball can work, it’s because, over the last few years, the boundaries have become shorter. The bats are also well-built that even mishits go for sixes. So, yes, why not, Bazball can work and they will try to do it," said Sunil Gavaskar

"They will try to hit over the ground when spinners come out to ball. They might get out but it builds a mentality because the spinners that we have, they also play a lot of T20s,” Gavaskar added


The Success of Indian Spinners in Previous Series

In the 2020-21 home Test series against England, Ravichandran Ashwin and Axar Patel wreaked havoc, bagging 32 and 27 wickets, respectively. Their stellar performances played a pivotal role in India's 3-1 series victory. As the English batsmen prepare to face the Indian spinners once again, they will need to devise a strategy to counter the turning tracks and the spin-friendly conditions.

What to Expect from the Clash of Bazball and Viratball


The clash between Bazball and Viratball promises to be a fascinating battle. While England's batsmen may attempt to adopt a more aggressive and boundary-oriented approach, Virat Kohli's ability to dominate the English attack on home soil cannot be discounted. His consistent performances and impressive average against England make him a potent threat.

Strategies for Success

To succeed against India's spinners, England's batsmen must find the delicate balance between aggression and caution. They will need to adapt to the conditions quickly and identify the right moments to attack. The ability to read and adjust to the flight and length of the spinners' deliveries will be crucial in countering their effectiveness.


The India-England Test series promises to be a riveting contest between Bazball and Viratball. As the English team brings their aggressive approach to India's spin-friendly pitches, Virat Kohli's proficiency and dominance at home pose a significant challenge. The clash between these two contrasting styles of play will undoubtedly captivate cricket enthusiasts around the world. Whether Bazball or Viratball emerges victorious, this series is bound to provide thrilling moments and unforgettable performances.

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