Shubman Gill's Struggles in Test Cricket: A Deep Dive Analysis

Explore and analyze Shubman Gill's struggles in Test cricket and delve into the factors affecting his performance. Gain insights into his technique, mental game, and potential areas of improvement in this in-depth analysis.

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Shubman Gill's Struggles in Test Cricket

Shubman Gill, the young Indian cricketer, has been enduring a challenging phase in Test cricket. His recent performances have raised concerns, as he has failed to score a half-century in his last 10 Test innings. 


A Disappointing Start in the Opening Test

In the ongoing opening Test against England in Hyderabad, Gill's poor form continued as he could only manage 23 runs off 66 balls in India's first innings. Despite starting well, he eventually threw away his start and fell victim to debutant left-arm spinner Tom Hartley. This marked Gill's 10th consecutive Test innings without a 50-plus score.

Struggles in Tests Away from Asia


While Gill showcased his potential with impressive performances in his debut Test series in Australia in 2020-21, he has struggled in Tests away from Asia since then. His scores in non-Asia Tests after the Australia series have been less than impressive, averaging just 17.25. in this period. This raises questions about his ability to adapt to different conditions and bowling attacks outside of Asia.

Gill's Recent Scores in Tests

Gill's scores in the last 10 Test innings reflect his struggles in finding consistency and converting starts into substantial scores. Since his brilliant knock of 128 against Australia in the Ahmedabad Test last year, Gill has failed to breach the 50-run mark in Test cricket. His scores in this lean period include 13, 18, 6, 10, 29*, 2, 26, 36, 10, and 23 . With an average of just 19.22 during this period, Gill will be eager to regain his form and contribute significantly to the team's success.


Analyzing Gill's Test Career

Despite his recent struggles, Gill's overall red-ball record is impressive, showcasing his potential as a batsman. In his 21 Test matches, he has accumulated 1,063 runs at an average of 30.37. This includes four fifties and two centuries, highlighting his ability to perform at the highest level. Additionally, Gill boasts an impressive First-Class record with 3,605 runs at an average of over 48.

Possible Reasons for Gill's Struggles


Several factors could contribute to Gill's poor run in Test cricket. Firstly, the pressure of expectations on a young player can be overwhelming, affecting their performance. Secondly, the adjustment to different playing conditions and bowling attacks can be challenging, especially for a relatively inexperienced player like Gill. Lastly, the technical aspects of his batting, such as shot selection and footwork, may need further refinement to tackle the demands of Test cricket.

The Importance of Mental Resilience

In addition to technical improvements, Gill's mental resilience will play a crucial role in overcoming his struggles and regaining his form. Test cricket demands immense concentration, patience, and the ability to bounce back from failures. Developing a strong mindset and staying positive during challenging times can make a significant difference in a player's performance.


The Role of Coaching and Guidance

Coaching and guidance from experienced mentors and coaches can also play a vital role in helping Gill overcome his struggles. The guidance of senior players and the expertise of the coaching staff can provide valuable insights and support to young players like Gill, helping them make necessary adjustments and improvements in their game.

Looking Ahead: Opportunities for Redemption


Despite his recent struggles, Gill has shown immense potential and talent in his young career. With the right guidance, coaching, and self-belief, he has the opportunity to bounce back and make significant contributions to the Indian Test team. As he gains more experience and exposure to different playing conditions, Gill's adaptability and skills are likely to improve, making him a formidable batsman in the longer format of the game.


Shubman Gill's struggles in Test cricket have been evident in his recent performances, particularly in his inability to score a half-century in his last 10 innings. However, it is essential to remember that Gill is still a young player with immense potential and a promising red-ball record. With the right support, guidance, and mental resilience, Gill has the capability to overcome his challenges and emerge as a dominant force in Test cricket. 

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