Ben Duckett: A Key Player for England Against India in Rajkot

Ben Duckett's performance was crucial for England in the match against India in Rajkot. Learn more about his key role and contribution to the team's success.

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Ben Duckett
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In the world of cricket, battles between talented players often capture the attention of fans. One such clash is currently taking place in Rajkot, where England's Ben Duckett is standing in the way of a Ravichandran Ashwin-less Indian team. Duckett's impressive performance in the third Test has made him a pivotal figure in England's charge.


Duckett's Spectacular Century

On Day 2 of the third Test match in Rajkot, Ben Duckett showcased his batting prowess by smashing an unbeaten century. Facing 118 balls, he scored an impressive 133 runs, propelling England to finish the day at 207/2 after India had posted a formidable total of 445. Duckett's brilliant innings has put England in a strong position, and his form will be crucial in the following days.

Ashwin's Absence and Duckett's Advantage


Ravichandran Ashwin, India's premier spinner, would have been a significant threat to Duckett. However, due to a family emergency medical issue, Ashwin was forced to withdraw from the match. This absence gives Duckett an advantage, as he has struggled against Ashwin in previous encounters. With the spinner absent, Duckett has the opportunity to build on his century and further solidify England's position.

Playing with 10 Men

If Ashwin fails to return to the match, India will have to play with only 10 men for the remainder of the game. Ashwin's absence will not only affect India's bowling attack but also put additional pressure on the rest of the team. Despite this advantage, England will need Duckett to continue his exceptional performance to exploit India's bowler shortfall effectively.


Duckett's Record Against Ashwin

In their previous encounters, Ashwin has dismissed Duckett five times in eight innings. Duckett has managed to score 65 runs from 110 balls against Ashwin at an average of 13. While Ashwin has had success against Duckett in the past, the English opener has the opportunity to turn the tables in this match with Ashwin's absence.

Duckett's Fastest Century


Duckett's century against India is not only impressive but also a record-breaking feat. It is the fastest century scored by an English player against India in Test cricket. Furthermore, it is the second-fastest century ever scored by an English opener in Test matches. Duckett's outstanding performance has placed him alongside some of the greats of the game.

Duckett's Impact on the Match

With his explosive batting style and ability to score quickly, Duckett has had a significant impact on the game. He has breathed life into England's innings and provided the team with a strong foundation. Duckett's century has also shifted the momentum in England's favor, putting India under immense pressure. His stay at the crease will be crucial in determining the outcome of the match.


Duckett's Achievement in India

Playing in India has its challenges, particularly for visiting batsmen. Duckett has defied the odds by averaging 21.28 in Test cricket on Indian soil. This achievement further highlights his talent and adaptability. As he continues to perform in challenging conditions, Duckett is establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in international cricket.

Duckett's Impact on India's Strategy


Duckett's brilliant batting performance has forced India to reconsider their strategy. With Ashwin absent, India's bowling attack is weakened, and they must find ways to contain Duckett and prevent him from building on his century. India's captain, Rohit Sharma, will have to make strategic decisions to counter Duckett's aggressive approach and find ways to dismiss him early in his innings.

Duckett's Record-breaking Session in India

During the third session of Day 2, Duckett achieved another remarkable feat. He scored 114 runs, making it the second-highest number of runs scored in a session by a visiting player in India. Only Virender Sehwag's 133 against Sri Lanka in 2009 surpasses Duckett's achievement. This record underscores Duckett's ability to dominate the game and put the opposition under immense pressure.


Duckett's Role in England's Batting Lineup

Duckett's contribution to England's batting lineup cannot be understated. His partnership with opener Zak Crawley and later with Ollie Pope has played a crucial role in building a strong total. As England heads into Day 3, Duckett's partnership with captain Joe Root will be vital in setting a formidable target for India and consolidating their position in the match.

Duckett's Impact on India's Morale

Duckett's brilliant innings has undoubtedly affected the morale of the Indian team. His aggressive batting style and ability to score quickly have put the Indian bowlers and fielders under immense pressure. Duckett's presence at the crease has the potential to demoralize the Indian team and affect their overall performance in the match.


Ben Duckett's exceptional century and brilliant performance in the third Test in Rajkot have made him a key player for England. With Ashwin absent, Duckett has the opportunity to exploit India's weakened bowling attack and solidify England's position. His aggressive batting style and ability to score quickly have put India under immense pressure. As the match progresses, Duckett's contributions will be crucial in determining the outcome.

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