India vs England, 3rd Test: Rajkot Pitch Report and Stats

Get the latest updates on the India vs England 3rd Test match in Rajkot, including the pitch report, statistics, and other important information. Stay informed and catch all the action of this thrilling cricket encounter.

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India vs England, 3rd Test 2024
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In the ongoing five-match Test series between India and England, all eyes are on the third Test, set to take place at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot. The match is scheduled to start on February 15, and it holds great significance for both teams as they aim to take the lead in the series. Despite a few absentees, India, led by Rohit Sharma, will be confident of a victory on their home turf. The Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium has proven to be a favorable venue for the Indian team in the past, and they will look to continue their unbeaten record at this ground.


Pitch Report

The pitch in Rajkot has been known to favor batsmen, with good bounce and carry. It offers a true surface for stroke-making, making it an ideal venue for high-scoring matches. The pitch is usually dry and hard, which helps the ball come onto the bat nicely. However, there can be some assistance for spinners as the match progresses, especially in the later stages of the game.

Weather Forecast and Streaming Details


The third Test match between India and England in Rajkot will be played under warm conditions, with an average temperature ranging from 32-36°C. There is no chance of rain playing spoilsport, and the second session of the day is expected to be the best time for batting. The match will be telecasted by Sports18 Network, and fans can also livestream it on Jio Cinema from 9:30 am IST.

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Pitch Statistics


Let's take a closer look at the pitch statistics in Rajkot to understand its nature and behavior:

Average First Innings Score

The average first innings score in Rajkot is around 400 runs. This indicates that the pitch is usually batting-friendly and offers good conditions for batsmen to score big.


Highest Team Score

The highest team score recorded in Rajkot is 649 runs, scored by India against England in 2016. This record-breaking innings showcased the true potential of the pitch for high-scoring matches.

Lowest Team Score


On the other hand, the lowest team score in Rajkot is 154 runs, scored by England against India in 2012. This highlights the fact that the pitch can also provide some assistance to bowlers, especially in challenging conditions.

Batting Averages

The average batting average in Rajkot is around 40, which indicates that batsmen have generally enjoyed success at this venue. This further emphasizes the batting-friendly nature of the pitch.


Bowling Averages

The average bowling average in Rajkot is around 35, which suggests that bowlers have also managed to find success on this pitch. The presence of spin-friendly conditions in the latter stages of the game can provide an opportunity for spinners to make an impact.

Win and Loss Records


Let's now analyze the win and loss records of both teams in Rajkot:


India has a strong record in Rajkot, with a win percentage of over 60%. They have won several matches here, showcasing their dominance on home soil. The Indian team has a deep understanding of the conditions and has utilized it to their advantage in the past.


England, on the other hand, has struggled in Rajkot, with a win percentage of around 30%. They have found it challenging to adapt to the conditions in India, and Rajkot has proved to be no exception. However, England always poses a tough challenge and cannot be taken lightly.


The pitch report and statistics provide valuable insights into what can be expected from the India vs England 3rd Test in Rajkot. The pitch, known for its batting-friendly nature, can offer opportunities for high-scoring matches. However, bowlers, especially spinners, can also make an impact as the game progresses. India has a strong record in Rajkot, while England has struggled to find success. Ultimately, it will be an exciting battle between the two teams, and the conditions in Rajkot will play a significant role in determining the outcome of the match.

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