Yashasvi Jaiswal or Shubman Gill: Who Should Open the Innings for India at the T20 World Cup?

Deciding between Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill as the opening batsman for the Indian cricket team at the T20 World Cup is a tough choice. Read this article to analyze their strengths, performance, and make an informed choice.

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Shubman Gill's maiden T20I ton for 126* off 63 during India vs New Zealand 3rd T20I at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

The T20 World Cup is approaching, and India's head coach Rahul Dravid faces a tough decision in choosing the opening partner for Rohit Sharma. Two promising young batsmen, Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill, have emerged as strong contenders for the role. In this article, we will evaluate their performances, explore their strengths and weaknesses, and determine who is better suited to open the innings for India at the T20 World Cup.


Yashasvi Jaiswal and Shubman Gill's form in T20Is

Yashasvi Jaiswal burst onto the international scene with a bang, showcasing his explosive batting skills and consistency at the top of the order. Since his debut in 2023, Jaiswal has amassed an impressive 502 runs in 16 innings at a strike rate of over 160. His ability to provide quick starts and maintain a high scoring rate makes him a compelling choice as Rohit Sharma's opening partner.

On the other hand, Shubman Gill's form in T20Is has been inconsistent. While he scored a century against New Zealand in February 2023, he has struggled to replicate that performance since then. In his last eight innings, Gill has only managed one half-century and has suffered six single-digit scores. This inconsistency raises concerns about his ability to deliver consistently at the international level.


Aakash Chopra's Perspective

Former cricketer and commentator Aakash Chopra has shared his thoughts on this topic, suggesting that Jaiswal has leapfrogged Gill in the race to become Rohit's opening partner. Chopra believes that Jaiswal's recent performances, coupled with his explosive batting displays in domestic cricket, make him almost undroppable. He emphasizes that Gill's lack of form in T20Is has given Jaiswal the upper hand in the competition for the opening slot.

Statistical Comparison


To further analyze the performances of Jaiswal and Gill, let's take a closer look at their statistics in T20Is:


    Player   Mat   Inn   Runs   Avg   SR   50s   100s   HS
  Yashasvi Jaiswal   17   16   502   33.47   161.93   4   1   100
  Shubman Gill   14   14   335   25.77   147.97   1   1   126*


Assessing Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Both Jaiswal and Gill possess unique qualities that make them valuable assets to the Indian team. Let's evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to gain a better understanding of their suitability for the opening role.


  Yashasvi Jaiswal   Shubman Gill
  • Explosive batting style with a high strike rate
  • Consistency in scoring runs at a rapid pace
  • Ability to provide quick starts to the team
  • Demonstrated success in domestic and international T20 cricket
  • Technically sound batsman with the ability to play long innings
  • Excellent footwork and shot selection
  • Proven track record across all formats of the game
  • Potential to adapt and excel in different conditions
  • Limited experience at the international level
  • Vulnerability against high-quality pace and spin bowling
  • Occasional lapses in shot selection
  • Inconsistent form in T20Is
  • Difficulty in maintaining a high strike rate in T20Is


Shubman Gill's Performance Overview

Shubman Gill has had a truly remarkable performance. He has consistently impressed with his skills and has solidified his position in the Indian cricket squad. Gill's remarkable consistency in batting has been highly praised, with numerous match-winning performances under his belt. His capacity to adjust to different game formats and deliver consistent results has greatly contributed to India's success in various series. Gill's development as a cricketer in 2023 has been exponential, solidifying his status as one of the most promising talents in international cricket.

Upon closer examination of Gill's impressive scores, it should be noted that he achieved one of his two Test centuries in India, specifically 128 runs against Australia in Ahmedabad. His debut Test century was also achieved in Bangladesh. Moving on to One Day Internationals (ODIs), Gill has three centuries to his credit, all of which were achieved on his home turf. Two of these were against New Zealand, while the remaining one was against Sri Lanka inclusive of double century. It is worth mentioning that in August 2022, Gill also recorded an ODI century in Harare, Zimbabwe. Additionally, he exhibited his exceptional skills in T20 Internationals (T20Is) with a phenomenal century at his home ground. During the match against New Zealand, he delivered an outstanding performance, scoring an unbeaten 126* runs off just 63 balls.


The Impact of Shubman Gill on Indian Cricket

The significance of Shubman Gill's impact on Indian cricket should not be underestimated. Despite his youth, he has already accomplished numerous milestones and played vital roles in India's triumphs. His exceptional performances during the 2020-2021 Test series against Australia were crucial in India's historic victory. Demonstrating his immense talent and determination, Gill successfully countered the formidable Australian bowling attack and delivered crucial runs under pressure. Not only has Gill's contributions strengthened the Indian batting lineup, but they have also infused a new vigor into the team.

The Road Ahead

While Jaiswal currently has the edge over Gill in the race to be Rohit Sharma's opening partner, both players have upcoming opportunities to solidify their positions. They are part of India's Test squad set to host England for a five-match Test series starting in Jan-Feb 2024. This series will test their skills in the longer format of the game and provide a platform to showcase their abilities.

Following the Test series, the Indian Premier League (IPL) will serve as a crucial preparatory tournament for both Jaiswal and Gill. Their performances in the IPL will be closely monitored, and a strong showing could further enhance their chances of securing the opening slot for the T20 World Cup.

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Yashasvi Jaiswal's exceptional performances, consistency, and explosive batting style make him the frontrunner for the opening position alongside Rohit Sharma at the T20 World Cup. While Shubman Gill possesses significant talent and potential, his inconsistent form in T20Is raises questions about his suitability for the role. However, both players will have ample opportunities to prove themselves in upcoming Test matches and the IPL, which could potentially alter the dynamics of the selection process. As the T20 World Cup approaches, all eyes will be on Jaiswal and Gill as they strive to cement their places in the Indian team's opening partnership.

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