World Cup 2023 in India Sets All-Time Tournament Attendance Record of 1.25 Million

The World Cup 2023 held in India has set a new record for tournament attendance, with a staggering 1.25 million spectators. Discover all the exciting highlights and memorable moments from this historic event.

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KL Rahul, Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami as David Warner Falls with whole blue background during ODI World Cup 2023 India vs Australia Final at Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

The recently concluded Cricket World Cup 2023 has left cricket fans in awe, breaking all previous records with a staggering attendance of 1.25 million spectators. Held in India, this six-and-a-half-week event witnessed thrilling matches and showcased the true spirit of the game. Australia emerged victorious, securing their sixth title by defeating India by six wickets in the final. Let's delve deeper into the remarkable success of the World Cup 2023 and explore the impact it had on cricket fans worldwide.


Breaking Attendance Records

The International Cricket Council (ICC) confirmed that the World Cup 2023 attracted a record-breaking attendance of 1,250,307 spectators. Even before the final six games, the tournament had already surpassed the one million mark, setting a new benchmark for cricket events. The sheer magnitude of the audience surpassed the previous attendance records set by the 2015 World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand, which drew 1,016,420 spectators, and the 2019 edition in England and Wales, which had 752,000 fans in attendance.

The Tournament Format


The World Cup 2023 in India featured a 10-team tournament, where each team played against the others once in order to advance to the semi-finals. A total of 48 matches were played throughout the event, captivating cricket enthusiasts from around the globe. The average attendance for each match was approximately 26,000, highlighting the immense popularity of the sport.

Cricket's Enduring Appeal

The record-breaking attendance at the World Cup 2023 is a testament to the enduring appeal of cricket and the excitement the One Day International (ODI) format continues to offer. Chris Tetley, the ICC Head of Events, expressed his delight over the tournament's success, stating, "The staggering attendance demonstrates the enduring appeal of cricket and excitement the ODI format continues to offer." The World Cup 2023 not only entertained fans but also united cricket enthusiasts globally in a joyous celebration of the sport.


Uniting Cricket Fans Globally

Cricket has always been a sport that brings people together, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences. The World Cup 2023 was no exception, as it successfully united cricket fans from various corners of the world. Whether it was cheering for their favorite teams, celebrating remarkable performances, or engaging in friendly banter, cricket enthusiasts experienced a shared sense of joy and camaraderie throughout the tournament.

Impact on Broadcast and Digital Viewership


In addition to the overwhelming attendance, the World Cup 2023 also broke multiple records in terms of broadcast and digital viewership. The tournament captivated millions of viewers worldwide, further amplifying the global reach of cricket. The engaging matches, nail-biting finishes, and exceptional performances by players contributed to the immense popularity of the World Cup 2023, attracting a massive audience across various platforms.

The Legacy of the World Cup

The World Cup 2023 will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy in the history of cricket. The tournament showcased the talent, skill, and passion of players from all participating nations. It provided a platform for emerging talents to shine and established players to leave their mark on the game. The World Cup 2023 will be remembered as a glorious chapter in cricket's annals, etching unforgettable memories for both players and fans alike.


The World Cup 2023 in India has surpassed all expectations, setting a new attendance record of 1.25 million spectators. The tournament not only entertained cricket fans but also highlighted the enduring appeal of the sport. It brought together millions of people from different parts of the world, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. The World Cup 2023 will be remembered as a remarkable event that showcased the true spirit of cricket. As we bid farewell to this extraordinary tournament, we eagerly await the next chapter in the history of cricket, filled with new records, memorable moments, and the unmatched excitement that this beautiful sport brings.

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