ICC World Cup 2023: What may Happen if India's Semi-Final Match gets Washed Out!

In the event of a washout in India's semi-final match at the ICC World Cup 2023, there are specific rules and procedures in place to determine the team that advances to the final. Find out what could happen in such a scenario and how it can make impact.

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Indian Skipper Rohit Sharma spins coin during ODI World Cup 2023 India vs New Zealand 21st Match at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala

The ICC World Cup 2023 has reached an exciting stage, with India, South Africa, and Australia securing their spots in the semi-finals. New Zealand is on the verge of completing the line-up as the fourth semi-finalist. However, as cricket fans know, rain can often play spoilsport in matches. In this article, we will explore what happens if rain interrupts the semi-final matches and how it can impact the teams' chances of progressing to the final.



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India's Dominant Performance

India has been in outstanding form throughout the tournament, winning all of their eight matches. Their exceptional performance guarantees them a top-place finish in the round-robin stage, regardless of the result of their last league match against the Netherlands. As a result, India will face New Zealand in the semi-final on November 15 at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

New Zealand's Semi-Final Spot


New Zealand's position as the fourth semi-finalist is secure, as they cannot finish higher than No. 4 in the points table. While mathematically Pakistan is still in contention for the last semi-final spot, their chances are slim. They would have to win their last league match by an extraordinary margin to surpass New Zealand's net run rate.

Teams' Rankings and Potential Impact

Currently, South Africa holds the second position with 14 points from seven wins in the league stage. Australia follows closely at No. 3 with 12 points. If Australia manages to defeat Bangladesh by a significant margin in their last league match, their net run rate could surpass South Africa's. This would lead to a change in rankings, potentially affecting the semi-final match between the two teams in Kolkata on November 16.


Rain Rules for Semi-Finals

To mitigate the impact of rain, the semi-finals have been given an additional layer of security with a reserve day. However, what happens if rain disrupts the matches on both the original day and the reserve day, preventing the completion of the required minimum overs for a result-oriented game?

The rule in such a scenario states that the team that finishes higher on the points table in the league stage will progress to the final. Applying this rule, if India's semi-final match gets washed out, they would automatically reach the final due to their top-place finish. Similarly, if South Africa and Australia's semi-final match is also washed out, the team that finishes second (South Africa) in the points table between them will progress to the final.


The ICC World Cup 2023 has witnessed some exceptional performances and thrilling matches. However, rain can be a formidable opponent in cricket. With the provision of reserve days for the semi-finals, the organizers have taken precautions to ensure a fair outcome. In case of rain interruptions on both the original and reserve days, the team with a higher position in the points table will move forward to the final. Fans eagerly await the semi-final matches and hope that the weather gods remain kind, allowing the teams to battle it out on the field.

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