KL Rahul Smashes Fastest World Cup Hundred by an Indian during 2023 World Cup IND vs NED Clash

KL Rahul creates history during the 2023 World Cup match between India and Netherlands by smashing the fastest hundred by an Indian player. Learn more about this record-breaking achievement by KL Rahul in this article.

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KL Rahul smashes fastest World Cup Hundred by an Indian during ODI World Cup 2023 India vs Netherlands 45th Match at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru

In a stunning display of power hitting, Indian wicketkeeper KL Rahul etched his name in the record books by scoring the fastest World Cup hundred by an Indian. Achieving this feat in just 62 balls against the Netherlands in their World Cup 2023 encounter at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, Rahul showcased his exceptional batting skills and ability to dominate the opposition. This article delves into the remarkable innings played by Rahul, highlighting the key moments and milestones achieved during the match.


The Record-Breaking Innings

Rahul's journey towards the fastest World Cup hundred by an Indian was nothing short of spectacular. He entered the final over of the first innings with a score of 89, tantalizingly close to the milestone. With the crowd on the edge of their seats, Rahul unleashed his power, sending the first ball sailing over long-on for a gigantic six. Not content with just that, he followed it up with a breathtaking flick shot for another maximum, this time behind square leg. With these two sixes, Rahul surpassed Indian captain Rohit Sharma's record for the fastest World Cup hundred by an Indian. Rohit had set the previous record in the ongoing tournament against Afghanistan, achieving it in just 63 balls.

A Partnership to Remember


While Rahul's century stole the headlines, it was the partnership between him and Shreyas Iyer that laid the foundation for India's massive total. After a solid start from the top order, including contributions from Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, and Virat Kohli, it was crucial for Rahul and Iyer to build a substantial partnership. Initially, Iyer took the lead, finding boundaries at regular intervals and taking calculated risks against the Netherlands bowlers. However, Rahul soon shifted gears and began to dominate the proceedings.

The duo showcased their batting prowess, unleashing a barrage of breathtaking shots that left the Dutch bowlers clueless. Boundaries flowed from both ends as Rahul and Iyer entertained the crowd with their stroke play. The partnership flourished, adding a staggering 208 runs for the fourth wicket. It was a true exhibition of fireworks from the Indian batting line-up, perfectly timed to coincide with the auspicious occasion of Diwali.

Dominance in the World Cup


KL Rahul's record-breaking innings not only secured his place in the history books but also highlighted his dominance in the World Cup. Throughout the tournament, Rahul showcased his ability to adapt to different match situations and deliver when it mattered the most. His aggressive approach and calculated shot selection made him a formidable force against any bowling attack.

Rahul's stunning century against the Netherlands was not an isolated incident. It was a testament to his consistent performance throughout the World Cup. He had already made his mark with several impressive innings, contributing significantly to India's success in the tournament.

The Impact of Rahul's Century


KL Rahul's record-breaking century had a profound impact on the match and the team as a whole. His remarkable innings not only propelled India to a massive total of 411 runs but also demoralized the Netherlands, who were left searching for answers.

Facing the daunting task of chasing down 411 runs, the Netherlands lost an early wicket, further dampening their spirits. With a target of this magnitude, they needed an extraordinary batting effort to have any chance of coming close to the Indian total.

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KL Rahul's fastest World Cup hundred by an Indian was a momentous achievement that will be remembered for years to come. His power-hitting, ability to accelerate the innings, and calculated shot selection showcased his exceptional batting skills. The partnership with Shreyas Iyer added to the spectacle, leaving the crowd in awe of their stroke play.

As the World Cup progressed, Rahul's consistent performance and dominance in the tournament solidified his position as one of the key players in the Indian team. His record-breaking century against the Netherlands not only played a pivotal role in securing victory for India but also left a lasting impact on the opposition.

With his exceptional form and ability to rise to the occasion, KL Rahul has undoubtedly established himself as one of the brightest stars in international cricket. As the World Cup continues, cricket fans can look forward to more breathtaking performances from this talented batsman.

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