Babar Azam's Captaincy Under Scrutiny Ahead of World Cup 2023 Clash Against India: Akash Chopra's Views

Babar Azam's captaincy is under scrutiny as Pakistan prepares to face India in the World Cup 2023. Dive into the latest analysis and discussions surrounding Azam's leadership skills and strategies for this crucial matchup.

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Babar Azam failed to score in first two games of World Cup 2023

The highly anticipated clash between Pakistan and India in the World Cup 2023 has raised questions about the captaincy of Babar Azam. Aakash Chopra, renowned cricket commentator and former Indian opener, believes that Babar's captaincy might be at stake if he fails to deliver in this crucial match. With the game scheduled to take place at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, all eyes will be on Babar as he aims to become the first Pakistan skipper to secure victory against India in an ODI World Cup match.


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The Need for Babar Azam to Score Runs

Aakash Chopra emphasizes the importance of Babar Azam's performance with the bat. In a video shared on his YouTube channel, Chopra states that scoring runs is crucial for Babar to retain his captaincy. He suggests that the title of "King Babar" bestowed upon him by fans will only hold true if he can prove himself on the big stage against a formidable opponent like India.



"I feel Babar's captaincy is at stake if it doesn't happen here because scoring runs is necessary and you haven't scored runs. The neighbors keep saying King Babar but the king is one who has that status," Chopra said



 "You get that status only when you score runs in a big match against a big team. In India, if you don't score runs against Pakistan, Australia, or England, we don't consider you a player at all. The same goes for Babar Azam. He needs to score runs against this team," Chopra explains


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Babar Azam's Struggles Against India

Babar Azam's recent performance against India has been underwhelming. He has managed to score a mere 15 runs in his two innings in the ongoing World Cup. In six ODI innings against India, Babar has aggregated 168 runs at an average of 28.00, without registering a single fifty against them.

These statistics highlight Babar's need to rise to the occasion and prove his mettle against India. To establish himself as a great player, he must deliver when it matters most, particularly against a formidable opponent like India.


Concerns About Babar Azam's Captaincy

Aakash Chopra raises concerns about Babar Azam's captaincy, stating that it has often looked ordinary. He points out that Babar appears clueless at times regarding bowling choices and strategies. This issue has been evident not only in the ongoing World Cup but also in previous tournaments like the Asia Cup.

"Honestly speaking, if I do man-to-man marking, his captaincy has looked extremely ordinary in this entire tournament and before that as well. He looks slightly clueless quite a few times about who to bowl, when and how much. It was the same story in the Asia Cup as well. So I feel he will be under tremendous pressure," Chopra states



"If Fakhar Zaman comes, you can bring spin against him slightly early because he gets stuck a little against spin. As I said, bowl bouncers to Mohammad Rizwan. Go for pace for Iftikhar Ahmed also and that is why I am saying you can play three fast bowlers," Chopra added



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Game Plans Against Other Pakistani Batsmen

In addition to highlighting concerns about Babar Azam's captaincy, Aakash Chopra suggests strategies that the Indian team could adopt against other Pakistani batsmen. He advises using spin against Fakhar Zaman, as he tends to struggle against spin bowling. Chopra also recommends targeting Mohammad Rizwan with bouncers and relying on pace against Iftikhar Ahmed. These insights provide valuable information about potential weaknesses in the Pakistani batting lineup that the Indian team could exploit.

Furthermore, Chopra mentions the importance of Haris Rauf's performance in the Pakistani bowling department. Given that Shaheen Shah Afridi is dealing with a swollen finger, Rauf needs to be at his best. Chopra concludes by stating that India's chances of success will increase if they approach Hasan Ali with caution when he opens the bowling.

Predictions for the World Cup 2023 Clash

With the highly anticipated clash between Pakistan and India on the horizon, predictions and speculations are rife among cricket enthusiasts. The performance of Babar Azam is a significant factor in determining the outcome of the match.

While it's difficult to predict the future, cricket fans and experts alike are eager to see how Babar Azam will fare against India. The pressure is undoubtedly mounting on the young captain, but the World Cup has a way of bringing out the best in players, especially in high-stakes matches like this one.


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The Impact of Babar Azam's Performance on His Captaincy

The outcome of the World Cup 2023 clash between Pakistan and India will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Babar Azam's captaincy. A win against India would not only boost his confidence but also solidify his position as the leader of the Pakistani team. However, a poor performance or defeat could raise questions about his captaincy and put him under immense pressure.

Babar Azam has the talent and potential to be a great player and captain. His success against India, especially in high-pressure matches like the World Cup, will be instrumental in shaping his legacy and reputation as a leader.

The Rivalry Between Pakistan and India

The rivalry between Pakistan and India is one of the most intense and highly anticipated clashes in international cricket. The matches between these two cricketing powerhouses are not just about the sport; they carry historical, cultural, and emotional significance. The World Cup matches between Pakistan and India have always attracted massive viewership and generated tremendous excitement among fans.

The clash between Pakistan and India in the World Cup 2023 is expected to be no different. Both teams will be eager to showcase their skills and claim bragging rights over their arch-rivals. The stakes are high, and the pressure is immense, making this clash a must-watch for cricket enthusiasts around the world.


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The World Cup 2023 clash between Pakistan and India holds significant importance for Babar Azam's captaincy. Aakash Chopra's concerns about Babar's indifferent performances and captaincy reflect the expectations and scrutiny faced by the young skipper. Babar's ability to score runs against India and make astute captaincy decisions will be crucial in determining the outcome of the match.

As the World Cup approaches, cricket fans eagerly await this highly anticipated clash. The performance of Babar Azam and his impact as a captain will undoubtedly be closely monitored. The result of this match will not only shape Babar's captaincy but also have a lasting impact on the rivalry between Pakistan and India.

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