Sachin Tendulkar's Unforgettable Game-Changing Run that Lifted Spirits

Sachin Tendulkar's cricket journey began with early disappointments, emphasizing the value of even a single run. His legendary straight drive evolved from gully cricket, honed under coach Ramakant Achrekar's guidance, shaping an iconic career.

By Abhinav Chauhan
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Sachin Tendulkar's cricket journey started with a series of disappointments for his friends who attended his initial matches. Invited by Tendulkar himself to witness his debut, they experienced the frustration of seeing him dismissed for a golden duck not once but twice. Despite Tendulkar's attempts to explain away his failures, the third match saw him avoiding the company of his friends, hoping for a change in fortune. However, luck was still elusive, with Tendulkar managing only a single run. Little did he know, that solitary run marked the beginning of a transformational cricketing career.


Tendulkar's Revelation: The Significance of a Single Run

In a candid revelation, Tendulkar shared the pivotal moment when he realized the true value of scoring just one run. After facing disappointment in the first two matches, he decided to go solo for the third game, where he managed to score that crucial solitary run. Despite getting out soon after, Tendulkar experienced a shift in perspective. He recognized the importance of each run, understanding how a single run could sway the outcome of a match. That one run not only changed his mood but also laid the foundation for the legendary innings that would follow in his illustrious career.

Gully Cricket Origins: The Birth of Tendulkar's Straight Drive


Sachin Tendulkar, a cricketing icon, reminisced about the origins of his trademark straight drive during his early days of playing gully cricket. In the narrow confines of his home in Sahitya Sahwas, Bandra, Tendulkar honed his skills by developing a straight drive, which later became his signature shot. Playing with boys older than him and facing space constraints, Tendulkar adapted by perfecting shots down the wicket that fetched him crucial boundaries. Little did he know that these humble beginnings would contribute to the mastery of a shot that would distinguish him on the international cricket stage.

Coach's Wisdom: Perfecting the Straight Drive with Ramakant Achrekar

Tendulkar attributed the perfection of his straight drive to the guidance of his coach, Ramakant Achrekar. Playing gully cricket with limited space, Tendulkar developed an inclination for shots down the wicket. When he began practicing under Achrekar's mentorship at Shivaji Park, he learned the importance of presenting the full face of the bat. Achrekar stressed that showing the full face was the safest way to clear the ball. This valuable coaching not only refined Tendulkar's straight drive but also became the cornerstone of his batting technique, contributing significantly to his success on the cricketing field.

Early Memories: Tennis Ball Cricket and Tendulkar's Cricketing Roots

In a nostalgic reflection, Tendulkar recalled some of his earliest memories of cricket, particularly playing with a tennis ball. The gully cricket games at Sahitya Sahwas laid the groundwork for his passion for the sport. Tendulkar's adaptation to the constraints of playing in a small space, coupled with the thrill of hitting boundaries, became the building blocks of his cricketing journey. These early experiences with tennis ball cricket not only shaped his skills but also ignited the spark that would later fuel his monumental achievements in the world of cricket.

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