Asia Cup 2023 Points Table: Team Rankings and Net Run Rate

Stay updated on the latest Asia Cup 2023 standings with the comprehensive points table. Get an overview of the teams' performance and their current ranking in the tournament.

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Asia Cup Points Table

Six teams participating in this Asia Cup 2023 tournament, divided into two groups consisting of three teams each. Group A features India, Pakistan, and Nepal, whereas Group B comprises Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. The matches will follow a fifty-overs format where spectators can witness top-notch skills and strategic gameplay from some of Asia's finest cricketing nations.


Pakistan's role as one of the hosting countries grants them the privilege to organize four matches across two venues. The opening match between Pakistan and Nepal is scheduled to take place in Multan before moving on to Lahore for subsequent games. Sri Lanka shares hosting responsibilities with Pakistan by organizing remaining matchups including an eagerly awaited clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan on September 2nd in Kandy.

Let's have a look into the Asia Cup 2023 Points Table:

Asia Cup 2023 Points Table

  Group A   Mat   Won   Lost   Tied   NR   Pts   NRR
Pakistan (Q)publive-image   2   1   0   0   1   3   +4.760
publive-imageIndia (Q)   2   1   0   0   1   3   +1.028
publive-imageNepal (E)   2   0   2   0   0   0   -3.572


  Group B   Mat   Won   Lost   Tied   NR   Pts   NRR
Sri Lanka (Q)publive-image   2   2   0   0   0   4   +0.594
publive-imageBangladesh (Q)   2   1    1    0   0    2    +0.373
publive-imageAfghanistan (E)   2   0   2   0   0   0   -0.910


  Super Fours   Mat   Won   Lost   Tied   NR   Pts   NRR
publive-imageIndia (Q)   3   2   1   0   0   4   +1.753
publive-imageSri Lanka (Q)   3   2   1   0   0   4   -0.141
publive-imageBangladesh (E)   3   1   2   0   0   2    -0.463 
publive-imagePakistan (E)   3   1   2   0    0    2    -1.276 


The Asia Cup 2023 points table is the ultimate source of excitement for cricket fans all over Asia! This tournament brings together India, Pakistan, and Nepal in Group A, whereas Group B comprises Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, battling it out to prove their supremacy. As the matches progress, the points table keeps us on the edge of our seats, with each team's position constantly changing based on their performances. It's thrilling to see how the teams stack up against each other, with some surprising upsets and incredible comebacks. The points table not only showcases the current standings but also gives us a glimpse of the intense competition that awaits us in the upcoming matches. So, let's keep a close eye on the Asia Cup 2023 points table and cheer for our favorite teams as they fight for victory!

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