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The true essence of Yoga in Indian culture is to elevate the life force into a human being. Its goal is to achieve the 'kundalini' or life force through mental and physical exercises. At the mental level, the method of Yoga includes breathing practices known as 'pranayama' and meditation known as 'Dhyana' to get authority over the mind. While at the physical level, Yoga comprises different postures or 'asanas' to maintain health. As the saying goes, Yoga accepts; Yoga gives. So, the ultimate aim of Yoga is to help an individual have a healthy, relaxed mind to cope with the daily struggle. Nothing can make you feel better or rejuvenated than doing Yoga. So, people should make Yoga a part of their daily lives. 

Benefits of Yoga 
Yoga is a 4000-year-old discipline routed in the Indian culture. It was first coming as a method to make unison with mind and body. But later, it took a whole new turn as multiple layers attached to it. For example, in the early days, people used to do Yoga to attain spirituality and transcend the self. But now, it is more than that; now, it's a lifestyle choice.  

So, what does Yoga do to our body? What are the benefits of attaining it every day? To speak thoroughly, Yoga has the power to strengthen your body and mind. It allows you to take control of yourself, a great way to stay energetic and limber. The list doesn't stop here; there are multiple health conditions like poor blood circulation, lower back pain, breathing problem and stress; Yoga can help improve the situation. 

Below are the five main yoga principles you must follow to live a healthy balanced life.  

1. Proper Exercise
It is said that practicing proper exercise is important to build flexibility and strength in your body. When you do your exercise properly, it tones each body part. It is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and body to make you feel more balanced.  


2. Proper Breathing Practice
When you practice proper breathing, it automatically relaxes your mind and body. You can infuse energy into your body and agitate your mind with rhythmical breathing.

3. Relaxation
Proper relaxation can help revitalize our whole body and balance our nervous system. It is vital to free your mind and body from excessive tension and stress to learn how one can relax completely.  

4. Proper Diet
It is very important to include healthy foods in your diet chart. A balanced diet can help you to digest very easily.

5. Meditation and Positive Thinking
One of the best yoga principles for a healthy balanced lifestyle. Positive thinking and meditation can make us more focused and helps to understand ourselves better. 

 It can help you to have a better body image
Yoga helps people to enlarge their minds and thus develop inner awareness. The awareness helps you to focus your attention on your body. It helps to develop the strength of the body and mind. However, it is not addressed to the physical appearance only.  
Yoga studios generally do not have mirrors so that people can focus their attention inwardly and not on how they pose- or what other people are doing. It is proven that people who attend yoga sessions are more likely to be aware of their bodies than others who do not. The former people are more satisfied with their bodies than ever. So, consistently practicing Yoga can lead you to have a positive and healthy body image and self-esteem. 

Where to start first? 

Many institutions or centres give yoga classes; all you need is to select the right one for you. It is essential for you to know the right style you can adopt and practice and the right instructor to lead the way. Once you find the right ones, you can start taking your lessons. However, before jumping straight to it, try to talk with your instructor about your health condition. Let them know your strength and weakness so that you can avoid any unwanted consequences. 
There is not a single person who doesn't want to possess mental stability and be physically fit. And Yoga can offer you both. But most importantly, it offers to quiet the mind. It starts with finely tuning with attention, works on the body then moves to the mind, thus completing the healing process. So, don't dwell much on stress; learn how to control the senses through Yoga.


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