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Internationally 8th March is celebrated as Women's day.  The social groups and media are full of multicolored appreciation messages to the ladies. 
Companies, educational institutions, hospitals, airports, and hotels mostly present a rose, card, sweets, cut a cake, etc. to make the ladies feel special and happy.
Is 8th March the only day to respect a woman? What happens otherwise? Gender basis and insecurity are prominent in India, it may be a corporate company or hospitality industry. 

Education brings about awareness, knowledge, and moral responsibility with good etiquette. However, when the crime scene is analyzed the findings are sure to give you goosebumps and frights. 
The cases of crimes against women in Delhi accounted for 32.20% of total crime in all metropolitan cities as per the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).  
Also, there was a more than 40 % rise in crimes against women in Delhi with 13,892 cases recorded in 2021 against 9,782 cases in 2020. This makes Delhi the most unsafe metropolitan city in India which has a literacy rate of 88.7 %. 

Following are the sections as per IPC 1860 about crimes against women in India. 

  • Rape (section 376,376A, 376B, 376C, 376D) 
  • Sexual harassment ( section 354A) 
  • Honor killing ( section 299, 301) 
  • Dowry deaths (section 304B) 
  • Women trafficking (section 370, 370A,372, 373) 
  • Domestic violence (section 498A) 
  • Acid attack (section 326A,326B) 
  • Kidnapping (section 359,360,366) 
  • Eve teasing ( section 509) 
  • Chain snatching ( section 378) 
  • Assault to outrage modesty ( section 354,354B) 
  • Stalking (section 354D) 

Special laws have been administered by the Ministry of women and child development as follows; 

  • The Protection of women from domestic violence Act, 2005
  • Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 
  • Indecent representation of women (Prohibition) act, 1986 
  • The sexual harassment of women in the workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) act, 2013 
  • The prohibition of Child marriage act, 2006 
  • The Criminal Law (amendments) Act, 2013 was passed for effectual legal hindrance against sexual offenses. Later the Criminal law (amendment) Act, 2018 was legislated to give strict punishment.

Following are the helpline numbers, one should save in times of distress. (source:Indianhelpline.com)
Special laws have been administered by the Ministry of women and child development as follows:

Women helpline -women in distress – All India  1091
Women Helpline domestic abuse  181
Police 100
National commission for women (NCW) Domestic violence 24 x 7 helpline for sexual violence and harassment  7827170170
National commission for women (NCW)  011-26942369,
Delhi Commission for women 


Outer Delhi helpline  011-27034873,
Student/child helpline  1098
National Human Right Commission  


Additionally, the Central Government has initiated an emergency app for women's safety, the 112 Emergency response support system. It is an app that can work on a smartphone. Dialing 112 in panic situations will help you with assistance. 

Law cannot safeguard women alone, society also has to support to curb the tortures and violence faced by women. Women's empowerment can be achieved only when a lady feels safe in the environment she lives in. It is the social responsibility of each one to fight anti-social behaviors against women. 


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