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Right from sports and business to entertainment women are shining in almost all areas. Despite the opposition from family and society 'she’ has made numerous achievements and is committed to a better world. Then why does safety become a stressful issue for 'her’? 

Shirzia Pande, a 16-year-old girl, was traveling by train to her aunt's place. The train was crowded, and some rowdy boys around touched her inappropriately. She couldn't do anything, she stayed quiet, she felt sad and helpless. 

After this incident, she stopped traveling on a train alone. The trauma still haunts her in public crowded places. This is not the situation of one girl, our country faces such instances many times. Regardless of what a woman wears, her age or her profession violence is spiking day by day. 

The miserable part of such instances is that girls panic and don't know what action to take.  

Firstly it is most crucial to keep the mind strong and calm. Stay alert and if you sense danger look for immediate help around. Keep the helpline numbers handy on your mobile. 

Here are some self-defense tricks for women that can help you in times of danger. 

  • Set boundaries: the outer appearance does not speak everything about a person. A man might behave nicely, but what kind of immoral intentions are running inside him you never know. Be prudent with the people around you and form your boundaries.
  • Learning techniques like Karate: Learning Karate is the best way for self-defense. It can even help to rescue your friend in times of trouble. 
  • Stay alert: even if you have a doubt someone is following you, be conscious. Don’t walk into isolated lanes, call a police station, call a friend and keep the communication going till the police arrive or you feel safe with the surroundings.
  • Where to hit: If you are prepared and confident for self-defense physically, analyze the situation, get aggressive, and hit on these parts which will make their condition serious; groins,  eyes, nose, throat.
  • Women safety tools: these are some basic items that you should carry with you for safety purposes. They are; a safety torch with shock effect, pepper spray, and a cutter. 
  • Voice-out: In many cases, a lady is aware of the trauma around her, like in case of domestic violence or workplace harassment. It is crucial to voice out loud. You may take the help of extremely helpful NGOs.
  • Safety at parties: whether it is a family or friend's party you are attending, avoid being alone. Get drinks yourself and never leave them unattended.  
  • Traveling: when you are traveling late or alone, never carry any valuables, never keep your mobile location on, and don't post on social groups about your whereabouts till you reach home. 

No doubt women are given respect in society, but their safety is still a heavy concern. Society plays an important role in safeguarding women against torture and violence.  

We have to change our mindset first, let the future generation learn from us how equal and beneficial both genders are and how effectively we can unite to take humanity to the next level of prosperity. 


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