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News flashed on the News channel, " A 16-year-old girl molested by gang for two days in Nagaon, Assam”. Every time I hear about such inhumane acts my heart crunches. India is no doubt a developing country, but is it safe for women? Can a woman move freely in our country securely in any lane at any time of the day? India experiences brutal acts against women almost every day. As per the National family health survey, 30 % of women in India face physical and sexual violence. It is shocking to know this!  
Women’s safety is at what level she feels secure with the environment around her and free from the fear of any crime against her. There are practices and rules to safeguard them against violence. To what extent a lady feels safe and how many victims obtain justice is another unsettled concern. 
Women's safety is a major issue that should be tackled delicately and thoroughly. Women in our country feel insecure almost everywhere. There are various forms of violence faced; murders, honor killings, molestation, prostitution, female-infanticide, abortion, acid attack, child marriage, domestic violence, etc.
Inadequate investigation: inadequate investigation doesn’t have evidence and complete statements, which makes the case weaker. Hence justice is not given to the victim, the accused moves around lion-heartedly, breathing his independence.  
The fear of committing the crime vanishes as there is no punishment. It is terrifying to know many times the victim's family stop the investigation with the fear of social status.

Delay in punishment:  Political powers and bribes are major reasons for delaying punishments, also closing the cases sometimes.  
This encourages the person liable to repeat the same crime furthermore. The absence of fast track court slows down the pace of procedure in the Indian Judiciary.  

Police inability: police are inefficient in many cases even in registering the cases. They are often dominated and terrorized by village goons, political influences, etc. Even scarier are the instances of police committing such crimes against women. 

Patriarchal mindset: Male domination still exists in the twenty-first century in Social and cultural structure.  It may be a metro city or village, men are considered superior.  
Men with this mindset commit the most vicious acts on women. Patriarchy in our country is the main cause of violence because of gender superiority and the power they boast about. 

Lack of awareness and infrastructure: our education system falls deficient in providing proper sex education and awareness of the trials faced by females.  
Counseling is lacking in families and schools. Our nation is progressing towards six-lane roads but we fall behind with proper toilet facilities and streetlights. 
The so-called society often blames the lady for wearing indecent clothes, working late hours, traveling alone, having male friends in the group, and lots more. But is this the real cause?  
What about the infants and two-year babies facing brutal acts like rape? What about the lady who covers herself from head to toe and never steps out of the compound? For what they can be blamed? It's high time the community realizes the consequences of the mindset created and the way we respond to the offenses and tortures around us. 


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