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At global level, women’s health is a major issue that often draws attention of experts. They share their thoughts and make women aware of health issues through seminars and varied other ways. As a healthy woman, you must know about some of the common signs that are the clear indicator of good health. In addition, it is also equally important to follow a healthy diet, make some changes in your lifestyle with ageing, keep your BMI maintained, quit smoking and get rid of the habit of alcoholic and some other changes. By doing so, you will surely get the secrets of good health.

women health

Good health of women is not only required for their overall performance at every level, but also for the family to stay away from visiting doctors frequently. There are different signs of health women like: 

  • Clear Skin 
  • High Energy Level  
  • BMI Or Body Mass Index 

Working out sessions in gym for six days a week, control over diet and stay health conscious are not just the points to ensure you are healthy enough. You need to know about the signs that indicate you are healthy enough. You should keep in mind that being healthy is far different from having a lean and toned body. The most crucial thing is to ask yourself, “Are you feeling Better All the Time”. Your feelings and your energy level matter a lot in defining your health status. You need to pay attention to some of the warning signs.  

Healthy Weight or BMI 
Keeping an eye on Body Mass Index is crucial and you should stay close to your recommended wight for your height. If your weight is in control according to your height and you are within a good Body Mass Index, that means; you are on the right track of good health. You should pay attention on the calories you consume throughout the day through your diet.  

BMI is the right source to provide you indications about underweight or overweight. Body Mass Index or BMI is the right way to find out a healthy weight range.  

Your Heart Rate Matters a Lot in Keeping Your Healthy 
The heart rate can vary from person to person. If your heart rate at the time of rest is between 60-80 beats per minute, that means; a good sign of healthy body and the cardio work need no work. You should also keep in mind that a higher heart rate means to focus on a few things and cardio work is required. Don’t forget to note that higher heart rate means higher risk of heart attack.

Know About Your Energy Level
If you awake fresh and with no dark view at the time of leaving bed; that means, you are healthy. You need to keep your energy level maintained that may down due to varied issues like lack of sleep, nutrient deficiencies, stress, hypothyroidism and a lot more.

Glossy Lips
Your lips speak all about your good health. If lips are cracked, it can be the signs of dehydration. You should keep in mind that cracks on lips or in the corners of the lips can be due to lack of Vitamin B, and Zinc. 

Check Your Urine Color 
You should also check your urine color. If your urine is pale, straw-looking color, this is a good sign that you are healthy and well hydrated. Don’t forget to check the wee. If it is darker in color, it is a good indicator that you need to drink more water. 

Clear Skin
Women should also keep in mind that diet; stress and unbalanced hormones are the indicators of unhealthy skin. Your skin looks clear your doubts about the good health.

The Recovery Time of Wounds and Seasonable Complications
Any minor or small wound needs a day or two to recover. If it is taking more time, you must check the vitamin levels. If you need more time to recover from small wounds and seasonable complications, it means infection is taking place in your body.  

Your Periods Timing 
You your periods are on time and regular, it is a great way to know your reproductive system is working property and in good condition. Don’t forget to note that missed or delayed period’s means a few thing to know about like malnutrition, over-exertion and polycystic ovaries.

women health

You should also keep an eye on your digestive process. Routine checkups will also help you in getting the right steps, in case your body needs something more. Consulting with doctors and following a healthy diet with some changes in your lifestyle with ageing will surely pave smoothen ways for your good health. You can also stay updated through news and blogs or articles that are regularly posted by doctors and experts for healthy women. Your family doctor will also guide you at every step that will be the right way for your overall good health. You must check all details, stay active through subscription of the newsletters and other sources and you will be truly moving on the right track of good health.
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