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It is not all about the heart problems, but there are varied other complications that may take place like weakness, blood pressure issues, negative energy level, irritation, and varied other issues. If the symptoms are increasing or you are getting regular signs of heart issues and other complications, it will be better to consult with experienced doctors, your family doctor, or a specialist.

What Are the Symptoms That May Require Emergency Medical Help or Call a Doctor
In Case of Shortness of Breath, Oxygen saturation less than 92%, bluish lips or face, or sudden onset, you need to get emergency medical help. You should call doctors, if feel worse when lying down or worse on exertion or accompanied by fatigue or ankle swelling.

Who Will Be Better to Consult – A Family Doctor or Cardiologist?
If your symptoms are not severe but you want to be checked out, you must keep in mind that cardiologist is not the first option. If you have never had the heart problem before and aren’t at risk, you should consult with your family doctor. Your family doctor can advise you the right treatment.

Chances of Heart Attack Post COVID-19
Cardiologists say, “Heart attack has several different forms – Type 1 (caused by a blood clot blocking one of the heart’s arteries) that is rare during or after COVID-19 Infection, and type 2 heart attacks – more common with COVID-19. This type of heart attack can be caused by increased stress on the heart like fast heart beat, low blood oxygen levels or anemia. This type of heart attack may happen because heart muscle isn’t getting oxygen properly that is delivered in the blood – to work extra. People with acute CORONA-Virus disease may face such issues.
During COVID-19, some people have elevated levels of a substance – Troponin in their blood. This level is a sign of damaged heart tissue. In some cases, it can be a form of heart attack. However, this is less commonly seen after COVID-19.

Heart Problems in Children after COVID-19
Children who faced the virus attack of COVID-19 don’t have serious problems as often as adults do. An uncommon, but serious complication of COVID-19 – Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children can cause serious heart damage, cardiogenic shock or may be death. Some children can be left with abnormal heart rhythms and stiffened heart muscles – preventing the heart from relaxing normally and beating properly.

What Doctors Say about Heart Damage Caused by COVID-19 – Temporary or Permanent
According to doctors, recovery depends on varied factors like severity of injury. In some COVID-19 survivors, the heart imaging can reveal minor changes in the heart muscles. Some studies on athletes recovering from the virus attack have shown some scarring. Corona virus can affect the strength of the heart pumping. A person recovering from the COVID-19 may benefit from varied ways like physical therapy, breathing exercises. You should also keep in mind that you cannot expect a rapid return to the normal activity levels.
You are advised to consult with experienced doctors and stay focused on your routine life. Pay equal attention to your day to day activities and add a well-balanced diet and exercise in your routine.

Do Proper Research and Take the Right Steps
Problems can be severe, if you pay lesser attention. Approx one year is the most crucial time frame after COVID-19’s attack or severe infection due to this virus generated disease. Weakness is common; while you may also get some other possible side effects. You need to be careful and do proper search to consult with experienced doctors.
Go online and you will know about the symptoms, signs, and other details; while you will be able to get the right solutions. Stay in touch with experts and you will be free from worrying about anything related to Post COVID-19 heart issues or other complications.


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