Fuel Up Your Winter Days: Two Energizing Recipes to Keep You Going

Stay energized and healthy during the winter months with these two delicious and nourishing recipes. Learn how to fuel up your winter days and maintain healthy habits throughout the colder season.

By Kush Dadhich

Healthy Winter Habits

Winter can often leave us feeling sluggish and low on energy. If you find yourself struggling to stay active during the colder months, don't worry, we've got you covered. In this article, we will share two tried and trusted recipes that will help you stay energized throughout the entire winter season. Say goodbye to winter lethargy and embrace a new level of vitality!


The Power of Horse Gram

One of the most protein-rich lentils found on the planet, horse gram is a powerhouse of nutrition that can provide a significant boost to your energy levels. It is even given to racehorses to enhance their performance. Known as kollu in Tamil, huruli in other languages, and ulavalu in Telugu, horse gram has incredible properties that can help you thrive during the winter months.

Sprouting Horse Gram


Sprouting horse gram is a great way to improve its digestibility and maximize its benefits. Follow these simple steps to sprout horse gram:

  1. Take a bowl and place the horse gram in it.
  2. Cover the horse gram with a white cloth and soak it in water for six to eight hours.
  3. After soaking, tie the cloth containing the horse gram and keep it closed.
  4. Leave it for about three days until it sprouts.
  5. Once the seed sprouts and grows about half an inch, it is ready to consume.

Consuming Sprouted Horse Gram


Raw sprouted horse gram may require some effort to chew and eat, but the rewards are worth it. Consuming sprouted horse gram generates heat in the body, protecting you from the cold and seasonal diseases. However, if you are sensitive to excessive heat, you can mix sprouted green gram to balance the lentil's heat.

The Dynamic Duo: Banana and Groundnuts

When it comes to winter nutrition, few things can rival the power of bananas and groundnuts. These two ingredients provide everything you need to stay active and healthy during the cold season. A handful of groundnuts and a banana can sustain you throughout the day and keep you more active than you can imagine. It's a complete food in itself!


Soaking Groundnuts

Soaking groundnuts for six to eight hours helps remove certain aspects known as "Pitta," an Ayurvedic term referring to unhealthy heat. By soaking the groundnuts, you can optimize their nutritional value and make them more easily digestible.

Energizing Recipe with Groundnuts


Here's a simple recipe to make a delicious and energizing breakfast using groundnuts:

  1. Take a handful of soaked groundnuts.
  2. Put them in a grinder.
  3. Add your choice of fruits, such as a banana, to enhance the flavor and nutrition.
  4. Optionally, add some honey for sweetness.
  5. Grind the mixture for two minutes until you have a smooth paste-like consistency.
  6. If you prefer a slightly thinner consistency, add some water and blend again.
  7. Your nutritious breakfast is ready to be enjoyed!

This groundnut and fruit blend will provide you with a fantastic amount of energy, keeping you fueled for four to five hours. It's a highly nutritious option for the winter season.



Don't let the winter blues dampen your energy and productivity. Incorporate these two energizing recipes into your daily routine, and you'll experience a noticeable difference in your vitality. Whether you choose the power of horse gram or the dynamic duo of bananas and groundnuts, these recipes will keep you going strong throughout the winter season. Embrace the goodness of nature and fuel up your winter days like never before!

Remember, staying active and energized during winter is essential for your overall well-being. So, make the most of these natural ingredients and enjoy the benefits they bring. Say goodbye to winter lethargy and hello to a vibrant and energetic you!

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