Tunnel se Tank Tak ka Safar – 7th March 2023 Episode 47 S2

During this episode, we had the opportunity to observe some thrilling presentations from inventive startups in search of funding to propel their enterprises forward.

By Crickified Mohit
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Shark Tank Season 2 Episode 47

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Welcome to our recap of the latest episode of Shark Tank India Season 2. In this episode, we witnessed some exciting pitches from innovative startups looking for investments to take their businesses to the next level.


Hourly hotel bookings by “Brevistay”, a peer-to-peer network by “SoulUp”, a solution for readers by “The Big Book Box” and “Chapter One”. Let's dive in and explore the fascinating ideas presented by the entrepreneurs.

Sharks in the Episode: 

Anupam Mittal (founder of and people group), Aman Gupta (co-founder & CMO Boat Nirvana), Namita Thapar (Director Emcure Pharmaceuticals), Vineeta Singh (Co-Founder Sugar Cosmetics), Amit Jain (Founder

Host of the Show:  

Rahul Dua (Comedian)


Brevistay: The Flexible Hotel Booking App


Brevistay, a flexible hotel booking app, caught the attention of the sharks with its unique offering. The founders introduced a solution that allows users to book hotel rooms for specific hours, catering to the needs of individuals who require short-term accommodations. Whether it's a delayed flight or a quick business meeting, Brevistay offers a convenient way to find and book hotel rooms for a few hours at affordable prices. With a presence in over 70 cities and partnerships with 3200 hotels, Brevistay has gained popularity with 10 lakh downloads. Although the sharks recognized the potential of the market, they hesitated to invest due to the presence of existing giants in the industry. Furthermore, the founders lacked the necessary financial figures to support their pitch, resulting in no deal being made.

SoulUp: Empowering Mental Health through Peer-to-Peer Support



Punita and Mehak, the founders of SoulUp, addressed the pressing issue of mental health and depression. They introduced a peer-to-peer network called SoulUp, aiming to connect individuals who have experienced similar mental health conditions with those seeking support. The platform offers video conversations with trained peers who provide a listening ear and guidance to those in need. With 200 peers available across nine different categories, SoulUp has facilitated over 700 conversations to date. The sharks were deeply moved by the cause and recognized the importance of addressing mental health concerns. Consequently, they made various offers to support SoulUp, with the founders ultimately accepting Namita's offer of 5% equity.

Chapter One and The Big Book Box: Innovations in the Reading World


Chapter One and The Big Book Box

Surabhi and Desh presented two innovative solutions for book lovers - Chapter One and The Big Book Box. Chapter One is an online retail platform that offers readers the opportunity to read books through monthly subscriptions. It also provides access to rare books that are exclusively available on their platform. On the other hand, The Big Book Box offers curated boxes of books and related merchandise in four different types: Frappe, Espresso, Cappuccino, and Mocha. The founders have successfully completed over seventy thousand orders, selling more than three lakh books and merchandise. Despite their achievements, the sharks were hesitant to invest due to the declining market. Therefore, no deal was made for Chapter One and The Big Book Box.


The latest episode of Shark Tank India Season 2 showcased the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation of Indian startups. From Brevistay's flexible hotel booking app to SoulUp's peer-to-peer support network for mental health, and Chapter One and The Big Book Box's unique solutions for readers, each startup brought something exciting to the table. Although not all pitches secured investments, the exposure and feedback provided by the sharks will undoubtedly help these entrepreneurs refine their ideas and continue their journey towards success.

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